For the not-so-handy-with-tools parent, easy-to-do woodworking kits will give you and your children the satisfaction of creating something with your hands. And it doesn't have to involve a tricked out double garage workshop, an OSHA inspection and HazMat preparations.

An easy, affordable and enjoyable way to introduce boys and girls to working with wood is thru the many woodcraft project kits available. Craft stores like Michaels and JoAnns, Toys R Us and even all-purpose stores like Wal-Mart and Target carry project kits ready to be made into something.

Try any of these five easy wood crafting kits any kid would be proud to make for themselves or someone on a gift list:

  1. Memory Clock Kit - It comes with everything you need: clock parts, the movement with hands, clock face, instructions, etc. You'll then want to embellish the clock with "memories" such as photos, charms, scrapbook sayings, gross fake insects, or sports momentums. For a Mother's Day Clock, make the "numbers" out of vintage jewelry pieces or sewing supplies or nuts and bolts if Mom's a do-it-yourselfer.
  2. Clothes Hooks - An easy project that just might entice young ones to hang up their own clothes is to help them make their own wall or closet hooks that goes with their room décor or current favorite interest. All you need is a one-inch thick by four inches wide by twelve inches long piece of wood and some metal screw in one- or two-prong hooks. Even the un-handiest of parents can drill some holes in the board to screw the hooks to it and again, make holes in the wall to screw the board to the wall. There are alternatives to screws, such as adhesives, but shop carefully to find one that will hold the weight of clothes and not damage your walls if it's coming down later. This is another easy project that can be customizes to suit a young truck drivers love of all things that go va-room, or a little girl's pop star fantasies.
  3. Wooden 3-D Puzzles: One puzzle company has this huge line of 3-D wooden puzzles. They come in all shapes and sizes: dinosaurs, race cars, bridges, ships, dragons, and much more. They have holiday cut-outs, like skeletons and tarantulas perfect for Halloween Dress them up with fun and spooky add-ons. You can paint the pieces before assembling them or decoupage them with pretty papers or material for just the right theme.
  4. Clothes Hooks #2: One way to make use of even the smallest closet or wall space or even the back of a door is to make individual one-of-a kind clothes hooks. Craft stores sell a variety of pre-cut and sanded wooden shapes: hearts, circles, rectangles, squares (which can also be diamonds). Just add a store-bought hook to the shape and embellish as desired.
  5. Mini-crafts: Michaels Craft Store sells these mini kits of woodcrafts that cost around one dollar. Again, these are small-scale boats, racers, tractors, airplanes, etc. Easy to paint and glue together, make them what you will. Be aware that these kits have very small pieces so they are not recommended for kids under five.

Not only are these five easy wood crafting projects simple ways to introduce your children to wood working and new skill sets, they can make really nice gifts young ones can give to someone special and be proud to say that they made it themselves!