Having a good breakfast that a dietitian would be proud of is actually quite easy if you keep the ingredients simple. You need a good grain, protein, and some sort of fruit or vegetable. It's easy to put together a meal that is healthy in the morning.

Here are five healthy breakfast ideas.

1. English muffin with eggs and cheese

Prepare the egg in a healthy fat such as coconut oil and toast your English muffin. Watch out for sneaky calories like extra cheese and go for a more flavorful cheese like provolone. Add a piece of fruit like an orange to make a complete breakfast that will keep you satisfied. 

2. Waffles and bacon

There are several healthy waffle options in the freezer section for a quick breakfast idea. Choose one that uses whole grains and watch your toppings! Whipped cream does not make a healthy breakfast. But Greek yogurt and fruit are great sweet choices. Peanut butter and a few chocolate chips are delicious too. Stabilize your blood sugar by choosing a lean protein like turkey bacon. Some grape tomatoes in the mid-morning make a great snack to get in a vegetable serving. 

3. Fruit and yogurt parfait

Whether you use a parfait glass or a mason jar with a lid, this easy and healthy breakfast is also very beautiful. Begin with fresh or frozen fuit (no sugar added), then layer greek yogurt for a high protein, another layer of fruit, then yogurt. Top right before eating with a low-fat granola and you have breakfast that you can make days in advance.

4. Steel cut oats with nuts

Steel cut oats take a bit longer to cook compared to the more popular rolled oats but they are so much more tasty! Steel cut oats also boast a higher fiber content. There's a delicious banana walnut steel cut oat recipe for Weight Watchers members but any combination of brown sugar, fruit, nuts, and cream or butter is great. Pair with a low-fat string cheese for a healthy breakfast that covers nearly all of the basic food groups. 

5. Scrambled egg fajitas

Think fajitas but for breakfast! Scramble two eggs and sautee red, green, and yellow bell peppers with onions. Pile your toppings on a whole grain tortilla and finish with fresh avocado slices. Nothing says "Healthy Breakfast" quite like a good grain, protein, vegetables with a healthy fat!

While some of the healthy breakfast ideas might take more time than others, all are easy enough for beginners to master. Simple ingredients that focus on the building blocks of nutrition are the keys to easy morning meals. 

Muesli with Milk
Credit: Image courtesy of joephotostudio at FreeDigitalPhotos.net