Many people have to deal with dry hair. This is one of the hardest types of hairs to deal with and many factors cause it, including the environment and colouring. There are plenty of shampoos and conditioners designed for dry hair, and they are extremely useful, but too much washing can actually make the issue harder!

Caring for your locks will help make it shine and look beautiful all times of the year. You will also be able to do much more with your hair, including trying different styles for a night out. Here are five tips for caring for dry curls

Caring for dry hair
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Stop Shampooing Your Dry Hair as Much

As stated, washing your hair too often actually makes the issue worse. By washing your locks, you are stripping it of natural oils instead of allowing them to spread throughout the hair. While you may think that conditioning afterwards helps, it does not help to promote the natural production of oil and is still countered with the next round of shampooing.

Caring for dry hair takes time. Instead of using shampoo every day or two, limit it to once a week at the most. If you can, try to opt for two to three times a month. In between washing, rinse your hair with some warm water and use conditioner to help with promoting the oil production. When you do use shampoo, use those that are designed for dry hair.

Use Conditioner Regularly to Help Care for Dry Hair

Conditioners will add moisture back into the locks. Try to use it every couple of days at first to help with the production of natural oils. However, when you use conditioners, make sure they are designed for your need. Condition more often than you would wash.

Look out for leave-in conditioners and those that are deep conditioners. These will get into the roots to help add more moisture and make your locks shine brighter. Leave-in conditioners have more time to work and will mean you don’t need to rinse your hair to start.

Heat Will Dry It Out More

Love hot showers? You will need to stop opting for them. The heat in the water will make your dry hair worse. In fact, you will need to eliminate all forms of heat. This includes going out in the sun and using hair items like straightening irons. If you have naturally curly hair, pat your hair so it dries and make the most of your natural curls.

If you decide to use heated items on your hair then opt for products to protect it from the heat. While they will help to stop it drying out further, they will not help with the production of oil. Try to use the heated items as little as possible.

Repair Your Dry Hair

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Stop Dying and Colouring to Protect It

Dyes and colouring kits are full of chemicals that cause the locks to become dry and straw-like. Avoid hair dyes as much as possible as the chemicals react with the natural oils and stop them from reaching the tips. This is especially the case when using bleaches to lighten the hair. If you already have coloured hair, consider shampoos and conditioners that are designed for that to add more moisture and limit the need to keep re-dying.

There are plenty of methods to lighten your hair naturally, which is better for it. One of those is using lemon juice. Place a little of lemon juice into a spray bottle of water and give it a shake. Spray the diluted lemon juice onto your head and then sit out in the sun for 15 minutes. You will give it a natural sun-kissed shine.

There are plenty of other natural ways to help care for dry hair. Part of the problem with oil production is linked to the things that you eat. Make sure you have a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to help add as much moisture as possible.

Talk to a Professional About Your Problem

Hairstylists are trained in dealing with the different types of locks. They know the best products when caring for dry hair and all the things to avoid. The next time you visit for a service, talk to the stylist about your problem and ask for tips to help manage that. You will have plenty of time when it comes to cutting your hair.

With a few changes to your daily routine, you will be able to help promote oil production and help it spread throughout it. Stop shampooing as often but keep use conditioners on a regular basis. If you are really struggling to care for dry hair, talk to your hairstylist the next time you visit to ask for further tips.