Plastic 55 gallon drums are used in several ways and are seen in a variety of places. They are made of plastic which makes them lighter than their metal counterparts making them easier to transport and stack up remarkably well. They do not rust or corrode and are dent proof. The drums may also be called cylinders or barrels, depending on what area you live in.

Construction workers use them as barriers along the road where they are working and have their equipment located. The drums are filled with sand or water to keep them in place then painted orange to catch the eye of the driver before they reach the construction area. The drums are also used to slow traffic down and to direct cars through detours.

States that have a lot of snow use 55 gallon drums to store salt and or sand so when weather causes dangerous road conditions such as sleet and sheets of ice the trucks can be deployed quickly with the necessary materials to make the road conditions drivable.

Rodeo clowns use insulated plastic barrels as shields or jump inside them to get away from raging bulls when helping riders escape at the rodeo. Horse riders use them to train their animals to circle back and forth and around the barrels during the rodeo races.

Warehouses use the 55 gallon plastic drums because they do not oxidize or corrode when chemicals that are corrosive may be placed in the drums. They can hold hazardous material and not cause a safety hazard. The plastic barrels can also be stacked for maximized storage space allocation, such as inside a warehouse.

Disaster relief suggests having a 55 gallon drum of water for each person in your household with 3 months of food in case of a natural or man made attack that would knock out government resources and response efforts such as was seen in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. It is recommended that you put a cup of bleach with water in the drum, rinse thoroughly before placing the water for storage; this is to insure clean water for drinking.

These drums can be used as rain barrels which would save water by using the rain for the garden and yard watering during dry times. This is also good for the vegetables and planet. The barrels could also be used as a trash container for outside.

The 55 gallon drums can come in a tapered shape for easy side by side stacking and to keep the drums from sliding when transporting. They come in different colors for easy identification for the different products that are placed inside. The drum prices begin at around 55 dollars and range up to 125 dollars. Larger drums are also always available.

The 55 gallon plastic drum has many facets, from holding oil or corrosive liquids to holding our most precious necessity; water. From barrel racing to directing traffic, whatever the use the plastic 55 gallon drum can handle the job.