Now that the summer heat is finally dissipating, it's time to start gearing up for the fall season. Temperatures will start to cool down, the air will feel much cleaner and crisper and friends and family will start gearing up for the holiday season. It's important to stay comfortable during the colder months so that the pregnancy will be enjoyable and memorable. The fall season also marks the period of time full of fun holidays and opportunities to spend with family and friends.

It's time to put away those summer dresses, shorts and bathing suits and readjust for a fall wardrobe. Here are five fall maternity outfit ideas.

  1. Leggings should definitely become a staple in a fall maternity wardrobe. Not only does the spandex material change shape when the body does, but leggings are also comfortable, easily thrown on and can match with any type of flowy top. Pick up multiple pairs of leggings in black and brown and pair them up with peasant style tops or big sweaters to keep warm throughout the day.
  2. Cardigan sets are always an easy way to spice up a fall wardrobe. Maternity designers craft these cute sweater combinations in every color imaginable and in a variety of luxury fabrics. Pick out a couple sets in some favorite fall colors and match them up with jeans with an expandable waist line or a long skirt. For a complete outfit, pair the ensemble with a pair of leather boots or ballet flats.
  3. Chunky turtleneck sweaters and jeans are also another great combination for a casual day out. Look for sweaters with a cable knit so the body can still be cool and comfortable and a turtleneck that isn't too restricting. Popular fall colors include chocolate brown, magenta, burnt orange, heather grey and dark greens. Pay close attention when buying designer maternity jeans and find a pair that will be of great use all throughout the pregnancy.
  4. Form fitting dresses are also another popular fall trend. Find a dress that has darting under the bust line and is snug in the right places, such as your hips. These types of dresses are easy to throw on when running errands during the day and can also be paired up with a pea coat to be worn to dinner at night. Pair of these dresses with opaque tights and ankle boots for a date night or time out with the girlfriends. Jewel-toned colors in polyester blends will be comfortable and in the forefront of trends.
  5. Wool pants are a smart way to keep warm and comfortable in rainy and snowy days, in particularly colder climates during the fall. Look for pants in heather grey, black and brown and pair it up with any type of top. From a button-down polo, to a sweater set and even a simple cashmere sweater, wool pants complement any type of fall outfit. Seek out pants with expandable waist lines so the pants can conform to the body as it changes shape.