Visit San Marco Square

Some people might just want to travel just to visit Venice to experience this. You will find the Doge’s Palace here, which is also worth a visit. The Doges ruled Venice and the building is adorned in magnificent marble with beautiful paintings depicting the Byzantine era. Next to the palace, will find a prison, which has been preserved.

This is an incredibly busy area with outstanding architecture. Of course, the pigeons seem to be a common feature that go with the square.

san marco square

Try real Venetian cuisine

Italians are big on cuisine and every region in Italy has a unique taste. Venetian cuisine is no different. Dishes like special Venetian meatballs, a variety of seafood as well as a large selection of antipasta are very popular in the area. Venetians are always eager to pop into a bar for drinks and snacks just as the sun goes down. This is a popular thing to do in Rialto. 

Gelato is popular all over Italy and Venice is no exception. You will notice a lot more granita sellers in the area when you visit Venice. No doubt, this will cool you off in the heat of the day.

Pick up a souvenier

When you enter the city of Venice you will notice a vast array of masks in many shapes, sizes and colors. Venetians still use these for parties, although they were fashionable in the 18th century when everyone was going to masked balls. The other thing you will see are different sorts of glass also in many different colors and they come in many different forms.

There are stalls all over the place that you can pick out a present before you go home. There are also countless shops in the city. Shoes and leather are more expensive here, but if you have a look around you will find a good deal.

Glass blowing factory

Take the vaporetto to the glass blowing factory in Murano, another stop in the city of Venice. Here you will find a museum where you can find the history behind the art of making glass. You will also be able to find a couple of glass shops in the area which will be a lot more affordable than buying glass from other areas in the city.

Go for a ride in a gondola

When one thinks of Venice, Gondolas with Venetian oarsman in striped shirts are the one of the first things that pops in to your mind. However, they do come at a price. If you are on a budget, then take a vaporetto.


A vaporetto is a bus that you can catch on the Grand Canal and it’s great because you are able to buy a ticket for the day and jump on and off when you want. It stops at all the major routes and you don’t have to wait long until one comes your way. Look out for a sign where it says you will be able to buy a ticket.

When to visit Venice

The best time to visit Venice is around late August to early September. In this way you will beat the heat and most of tourists who descend on Venice during June and July. If it is only convenient for you to come during these really hot Summer months, then be prepared for some muggy weather, and leave the warm clothes at home. 

From late September the tide will start to rise, which will make it tricky to get around to certain areas a lot of the time, but still possible. It is also a time for rain, so be prepared for that.

It takes just under 3 hours to get to this fine city from Florence, and 5 hours from Rome, if you take the train. If you plan your trip, accordingly, you can really get to see a lot.