Parrots can't always eat the same food as humans, but they'll sure try. They love to snack on whatever you're eating. But some of the foods they may want to try could be very harmful to them. Keep your feathered friend out of these foods to give them a happy, healthy, and long life.


Onions are used in preparing a lot of foods, but don't give them to your parrot. Onions, in large quantities, can give a bird anemia. Onions can also cause digestive problems, diahrrea, and vomiting.  Stay away from all members of the onion family, including garlic, shallots, and scallions. And while you're at it, keep onions away from your dogs and cats too.


That guacamole my be good on your chips, but don't get your parrot near it. A chemical in avocado, called Persin, is very toxic to birds. Avocado has been known to cause cardiac distress in parrots and even heart failure, so keep away. There have been cases where birds have eaten avocados and have had no effects, but just nine grams of avocado is said to have the ability to kill a budgie. I would steer clear of this if I were you. 


Mushrooms and other fungi can cause digestive upset in parrots. Some varieties can even give a bird liver failure. They are worthless to birds nutritionally, and are not something parrots should eat, cooked or raw. Some mushrooms are worse for parrots than others, but you should steer clear of them all just to be safe.


Your parrot would love to have some, but don't get your chocolate near them. Chocolate contains theobromine, which speeds up the metabolism. In an animal that already has an extremely high metabolism, this is not a good thing. Chocolate can cause heart problems in parrots because of this. Dark chocolate and baker's chocolate are especially harmful.

Fruit Seeds and Pits

Believe it or not, some fruit seeds contain traces of cyanide in them. Apples, pears, cherries, peaches, and apricotes all have this problem. This is probably why your parents didn't want you to eat the seeds when you were younger. Cyanide is toxic, and should be kept away from your birds. Go ahead and give them an apple or cherry, but make sure the seeds and pits are taken out and discarded first.