The most important factor in losing weight is your diet plan. What you eat each day will determine whether or not your weight loss program is a success or not. One of the reasons why what we eat is so important is because some foods can dramatically help to slow down a person's metabolic rate.

The speed of your metabolism will be a major factor in how quickly and easily you find it to lose weight and more importantly it will also help to determine if you can keep the weight off once you lose it. To succeed at losing weight you need to start eating foods that help to speed up the body's metabolic rate.

foods that slow down metabolic rateIn this article let's quickly tell you about five food that will slow down your metabolism dramatically and reduce your chances of achieving weight loss success.

The first food on our list is foods that contain refined sugars. Refined sugars can be found in almost every sweet food that we eat, if you want to speed up your metabolism you need to stay well clear of cakes, candy, cookies and chocolates to name just a few of them. Not only do these delicious tasting foods play havoc with a person's metabolism but they will also destroy the teeth. Which will lead to tooth decay, which can lead to even lower self-esteem and confidence.

Consuming too much sugar, can also cause the blood sugar levels in the body to rise, which results in a slower metabolic rate. If you are a person who craves sweet food, why not swap that chocolate bar or ice cream dessert for a piece of fruit.

The second food that will slow down your metabolism is processed foods. Processed foods are so popular today because not only are they inexpensive to buy, but they are so convenient as well. Ready-made processed meals can be cooked within minutes when compared to cooking the meals yourself which can take hours. If you want to speed up your sluggish metabolism, you must reduce or eliminate the amount of processed foods that you eat. Processed foods are usually high in chemical preservative that help keep them fresh and also high in trans fats which are killers. Processed foods are also usually quite low in nutritional value which is another reason which they should be avoided.

The third food that will slow down the metabolism is fried foods, they may taste delicious but they are high in saturated fats and contain lots of calories. That will grind your weight loss results to a sudden halt. Saturated fats is going to reduce your metabolic rate, so instead of frying your food, trying grilling it instead. Your body will thank you for it, with the reduced calorie content and reduction of nasty fats.

The fourth food on the list is white bread. This is because the process used when producing it causes important nutrients such as iron, vitamins and micro nutrients to be removed in the making of the bread. White bread is also high in sugar which will cause blood sugar to increase resulting in a drop in your metabolic rate. Swap the white bread for whole wheat bread which has a much better nutritional value.

The fifth food on our list which will slow down the metabolism is alcohol. Alcohol is high in sugar and calories which again will stop you from losing weight. Reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake and your metabolism will thank you big time.

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