Some people can get very concerned with the trash can images left in the minds of their guests. Although it is a necessary evil to keep trash cans in the kitchen and bathroom, the truth of the matter is that no one likes to look at them because of the smell that comes from the trash they contain. Besides, the need to clean them regularly could be seen as a big chore. 

Because of this impression they create, we like the idea of making them inconspicuous.  If you have not found a way to hide your trash cans inside your home, here are some cute ideas to try.

The lower cabinet illusion: You can stash away your trash cans at both your bathroom and your kitchen by just putting them in the lowest level cabinet. You may have to get smaller ones to fit in the lower cabinets but they will be easier to handle.  You will also find it very convenient when you have to empty them.  Besides, the smaller size will encourage you to empty them more often and this will reduce the amount of foul smell emanating from them.

New Makeover Touch: If you have had your trash cans for a long time, you may need to give them a new makeover.  Just wash them out and when they are dry, give them a fresh paint job. Line the inside with some contact paper and this will keep them in good condition for a many years. Use glossy paint as it will be easier to keep the trash cans clean. Another tip is to make your trash cans stylish and doing so will avoid having to make the extra effort to hide them.

Hide the Trash with a Lid: Protruding and over hanging trash is an eye sore and looks very unattractive. Placing a lid over the top removes this perception of ugliness instantaneously. However, if you are concerned about getting your hands dirty, you can get one of the "touch-less" models where you can use your feet to press a lever to flip open the lid and when you release the lever the lid closes again. However, if you are a high technology type of person you might want to get one with a motion sensor. When you try one of these at the store you may never want to go back to the lid type again. You will gain positive trash can images for a long time.

Disguise and Camouflage: Kitchen and bathroom areas in your home require creativity to keep them charming and inviting. If you can be a little creative and devise some multi-purpose solutions there, you could make big impressions to users with only a small idea.  You can visit thrift stores and look for roll away carts that can fit nicely in these areas.  Trash cans can fit snugly under the lower cabinet or shelf of these carts and make a nice hiding place for them.

For bathroom trash cans, you can use some type of fabric shopping bag which you can wash quite easily in your washer when they get dirty. One disadvantage of hiding your trash cans is that your guest may not find them. But, guests are not there all the time anyway, so this is not much of a problem.

Be stylish and Creative: If you are not inclined to try the last four ways then you could find classy models of trash cans which you are very enthused about and place them in conspicuous places.  You can get designer models that are very popular and widely available.  These can enhance your bathroom and kitchen tremendously.  If you do not want to spend a lot of money for the sleek designer models, then you can be a little creative and use a large flower planter that can become your own designer model.

How your bathroom and kitchen look depends on your level of creativity that can bring joy to you when you use these facilities. Once you get creative, the options are endless and you will find the results eye pleasing all the time. Your guests and other family members can now have positive trash can images in your home.