Forget the usual junk and trinkets; these days, kids' party favors are fun, enjoyable and even educational – something both kids and parents will love! Regardless of what type of birthday party you are planning or how old the guest of honor is, here are five fun party favor ideas that will truly put the icing on the cake of any birthday celebration.

  1. Art Supplies – Foster your little one's inner artist by giving out art supplies as party favors. If the kids attending the party are younger, consider giving out jumbo crayons with coloring books that match the party's theme. If they are older, think paint and paint brushes, sketch pads and colored or sketching pencils.
  2. Gift Certificates – One dollar gift certificates to popular retailers and restaurants in the area can also make great party favors. Give each guest one or two and attach a note saying something like, "Hope you enjoyed the party! Now enjoy a treat on us?" Need suggestions? Most McDonald's restaurants sell one dollar certificates in packs of five and what kid doesn't love a Happy Meal?
  3. Polaroid Souvenirs – If you have one or two extra adults helping out at the party, this is a great, unique party favor. Have one of the adults walking around, taking pictures of all the kids as they arrive and throughout the party. Before they leave, place a Polaroid of each guest in a small frame or attach to cardstock and hand them out to each guest as they leave. If you don't have a Polaroid camera, take digital pictures and have one of the adults print them out before the party is over.
  4. Theme Books – Books make great party favors because they can help grow a love for reading and they are a keepsake that can last for a long time to come. Choose an inexpensive paperback book that matches the party's theme.
  5. Alphabet Gift Bags – If all your party guests are of preschool age, hand out alphabet gift bags replete with alphabet stickers, magnets, games, and other alphabet-themed toys and trinkets.

Whether you're throwing a birthday bash for ten little girls or a group of rowdy twelve year olds, these fun party favors are sure to be a hit!