Still not done with your Christmas gift shopping? Well, time is running out and it’s time you acted fast and picked up some great gifts this season. If you are someone who is done with the rest of the Christmas shopping but are stuck with the gifts for men here are some great Christmas gift ideas for men that are simply awesome that the men cannot help but love and appreciate.

To start with, anything to do with their favorite sport or sportsperson is a great gift idea for men. Trust me most men are in love with some sport or the other and when you indulge this passion they love it. So from sports equipment, sports magazine subscriptions, tee shirts with embossed sports star images, to a rare autograph from the most sought after sports person, you can let your imagination go wild and sporty and pick up a Christmas gift that will be much loved.

Another passion that most men nurture is a love for gadgets. In fact a few of them are completely entranced by these high tech devices. So if you are aware of what particularly fascinates someone go ahead and pick it up and see the sheer delight on the person’s face at the sight of your Christmas present.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and if this holds good for your man then plan a special Christmas meal for him. You can either choose to cook his favorite dishes at home and plan a little surprise or take him out to his favorite restaurant and let him enjoy a hearty meal. Trust me he will love this exceptional Christmas present from you.

Leather accessories are another great Christmas gift idea for men and the choices here are many. From leather wallets, belts, pouches and travel bags to passport holders etc., you have myriad options to select from so choose something that is close to his taste and style.

A watch would also be a wonderful Christmas present for men this year. There is something eternal about this gift which holds a great deal of significance, so pick a model that you feel will suit the person you want to give it to.

Now that you have these handy tips go ahead and pick up some great Christmas gifts for the men who are dear to you.