"Help, I need some good first date ideas!"

Brother, we have all been there. Hopefully this list of good first date ideas will help set you in the right direction.

The two biggest questions for most men about to embark on their first date are where you should take her and what should we do.  We try to come up with all types of good first date ideas and activities to ensure they have a fun time. In our minds its simple, good first date ideas equal more second dates. Some of us are better at this than others, but with a little help anyone can plan a perfect first date.

Five Good First Date Ideas

Can't beat a picnic in the park!
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Picnic in the Park Date.

Nothing brings more smiles to a couples face than sunshine and green grass.  Add to this scene, a picnic basket filled with goodies, a cozy blanket, and a CD player with soothing music and you have the makings of a perfect first date.  Start by finding out what types of food that your date may enjoy and what they like to drink.  These little tidbits of information can help you to plan the perfect outing.  Also,don’t forget to pack the Frisbee or even a football if she enjoys outdoor activities.  This will show her that you know how to have fun and stay in shape at the same time.  She won’t soon forget you and you will be well on your way to a second date.

Dinner theater can be a delicious way to spend your first date!
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Dinner Theater First Date

A recent new trend for dating is a dinner theatre.  You can go in and sit down for dinner and enjoy a good movie at the same time.  Now, I know you may think that this sounds a little traditional, but it actually helps to kill two birds with one stone.  You get to talk over a great meal and then relax a little watching a good movie. This will also let you know how well the date is going.  If she leans into you or holds your hand during the movie, then this is a good indicator that you did well.  It also gives you a chance to be in her presence without the stress of continual conversation.

The Good Old Coffee Date

Coffee Shop First Date

For those of you that tend to not care for long first dates; this is the ideal place to go.  The ambiance is always perfect in these little hot spots.  You can order something to drink, sit in some cozy chairs and get to know each other better.  If things are going really well,you can go back and order some dessert to complete the evening.  This is a perfect place to go if you are a little low on funds yet still want a place where the two of you can share some good drinks (tea and coffee of course) and some quiet time. 

hot air balloon first date
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Balloon Ride Date

If you are dating a woman who likes adventure, take a balloon ride and see the city around you.  In that enclosed environment, you get lots of face time with your date.  As they are enjoying the breathtaking views above and below; you will get date points for providing them with a bit of excitement and romance.

comedy club first date
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Comedy Club First Date

Now many of you may think why would anyone take a first date to a comedy club.  Well let me help you with this one.  If she has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh, then this would be ideal. Check the newspaper or the online websites of the local comedy clubs and plan your date.  Just remember, make sure that the comic you chose is funny.  There is nothing worse than a lousy comic to put a damper on your date.  So choose well and enjoy it.  She will be happy to know that you have a great sense of humor and that you thought enough of her to take her somewhere you knew she would enjoy.  That gesture alone, says that you are putting her before yourself and you will come out looking like a winner.