Jonny Craig

Jonny Craig

Jonny Craig

Jonny Craig is a Canadien-American Singer originally from British-Columbia. He was the vocalist for bands such as Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, and Ghost Runner on Third. He has the vocal range of a Tenor and has received high acclaim for his passionate vocals. Craig has a history of drug problems and has left bands after disputes multiple times. A few years ago, he was caught scamming unsuspecting fans on the internet. The singer would put up ads for iPads he was selling, which were quickly purchased by his fans. After payment,however, no iPads were received. A police investigation revealed that the iPads never existed and Craig was pocketing the cash, presumably for drug use. Jonny Craig's bad boy persona has earned him a lot of negative publicity, resulting in his disappearence from music for some time. After a recent stint in rehab, Jonny Craig has announced himself being clean for over a year and is currently focusing on his solo career.

Children of Divorce

by Jonny Craig

Zachary Condon

of Beirut

Zachary Condon is the vocalist and brainchild for the American band Beirut. He cites that his musical influences are primarily in the Jazz genre, although Beirut's music considered indie rock or 'world music'. Condon never graduated high school, instead opting to travel Europe with his brother. His brother, who is in a band called Total Slacker, has also been given credit for influencing Condons musical ventures. Condon's music is anything but ordinary, as well as his music videos(see below). His primary instruments are the flugelhorn and ukelele, the latter of which he picked up after a wrist injury prevented him from playing a full-sized guitar.

Elephant Gun

by Beirut

Tyler Carter

Former frontman of the hardcore group Woe Is Me, Tyler Carter left the band to focus primarily on his solo career. Some time after his departure, Woe Is Me broke up and reformed the band 'Issues' which now features Carter as the lead vocalist. Tyler Carter has received mixed feedback for leaving the hardcore scene to pursue more popular genres of music. He is still primarily a solo act, although he does maintain his tie with the metalstep band Issues. Below is an acoustic rendition of 'Fame Over Demise', a popular song from his former band Woe Is Me.

Fame Over Demise

Woe, Is Me

Ellie Goulding

Okay so Ellie Goulding is a name you've probably heard before now, and if not then you need to give her a listen. Goulding is an English vocalist who also plays a variety of different instruments which she integrates into her live shows. After the worldwide popularity of her single, Lights, she has began touring worldwide and is soon to be a household name. She's a beautiful, intelligent blonde with a great voice and powerful lyrics. Check out the video below of an acoustic version of "Lights"


by Ellie Goulding

Anthony Green

Anthony Green is an american musician from Pennsylvania. He is the lead vocalist for the band Circa Survive, which is an incredible group if you've never heard of them. Green maintains a solo career while still being the most notable member of Circa. He was also the frontman for Saosin before he quit the group in 2004.

The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is the Dose

by Circa Survive

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