Driving traffic to your blog isn't exact science, it just requires a little more work on your part. If you run a business, you probably have a blog. Used to keep customers informed, announce new deals and changes among the company are just a few ways to keep customers involved. However, in order for them to find you, you'll have to do a little extra legwork.

Write Quality Content

When posting on your blog, you shouldn't post for the sake of posting, but do so when there's something to say. Share something, a small bit of information that your readers can use themselves. For example, of your business covers online promotion, maybe write blog entries about driving traffic to a new website. Give them a feel of what your expertise are. The information you share now will help in making them a return customer later.

Use Social Networks

Just about everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account these days. Instead of making customers come to your site for updates, go to them. Tweet updates or add them to your wall on Facebook. These small updates will show up for your customers when they come online, keeping them informed. Remember, you always want to keep your readers in the loop. Work hard so they don't have to.

Submit Your Blog to Online Directories

Like the yellow pages or phone book, most folks won't know you exist unless you get your name out there. Find a few databases and add your blog to the list. These lists are usually organized by category, so make sure you pick the one that identifies with your blog the most.

Join Forums and Online Communities

People love free information and getting advice when they ask for it. Join communities pertaining to your niche and offer your services by way of advice and information. However, don't spam or reply just to get them to click your link. Be social and offer to help whenever possible. If they appreciate your feedback, chances are they'll look at your profile or click on the link to your blog in your signature.

Post On a Regular Basis

We're creatures of habit. If I visit your blog and see that you post every Wednesday and Friday, that's probably the days I'll visit. I know when the new posts go up and so I know better than to visit until then. However, if you change the posting schedule, you'll lose readers. So if you're planning to go on vacation, let your readers know so that they know what to expect.