Ways to Save
Credit: Yohanna Dunham-Stringer

There are several common ways to save money such as clipping coupons, clipping more coupons and cutting back on spending, cutting back on even more spending. But here are some not so common money saving ideas that one can implement this week. Try looking at daily routines for some ideas.

1. Online Coupons. Digital coupons are easy to find on line. You can find them for practically anything.

2. Movie Rentals. Instead of renting a movie every week make it once or twice a month.  The alternatives can be just as pleasurable like, reading that really good book you've been putting aside, time with kids or work on that special project you never seem to have the "time" for.

3. Internet. Try cutting back your Internet service by choosing a lesser plan. Some Internet providers will even allow you to put your account on hold. In other words you keep your account but the service is discontinued for an agreed amount of time, no repeated set-up fee. The idea is that if a provider can keep your account active they will have you as a customer in the near future. If you really must get on the Web you can always go to a coffeehouse and use theirs.

4. Phone Service. With the advent of pay-as-you-go there's no reason why you can't save money in this way. Phone pricing plans from pay-as-you-go companies are very competitive. Phone styles are great, and you can typically keep your current phone number. The biggest benefit is what you’ll save.

5. Shopping. This really has to do with transportation. How many times have we all gone out several times a week to the grocery store for something we forgot, or for that spur of the moment ice cream? With just a little more planning the trips to the store in our cars can be reduced.  You can spend quite a bit on gas with multiple 15 minute jaunts six times a week.  Alternative, try walking if you don’t have to get much and the store happens to be near by.

What I like best about these ideas is that several have a great deal of flexibility. They can be practice in whole or in part and you'll still save some money.