Five Healthy (And Simple!) Desserts

Dinner is done but if you’re anything like me you’re not.  You just need that little something sweet to finish off a meal.  Dessert can be a huge calorie and fat hog if you’re not careful though.  Cheesecake, ice cream, cookies and the like can quickly take a healthy eating day over the top and have you feeling like you probably over did it.

That’s why I always make sure to keep a few healthy dessert tricks up my sleeve to handle those sudden cravings without having to deal with all the subsequent guilt that can follow.

First up, Chocolate covered bananas.  Buy them at the store or make them yourself.  Whatever you do just be sure to have them on hand!  Dark chocolate covered are the best.  If you make them yourself, sprinkle a few unsweetened coconut flakes or chopped nuts over the top after you dip them. Cover a cookie sheet with waxed paper and lay your bananas on the sheet.  Toss them into the freezer for an hour or so and they’re ready to eat.  Simply simple!

Even easier than bananas is a frozen yogurt stick.  I realize you probably know this trick, but I want to make sure you’re actually implementing it because it’s pretty darn good.  We use the Trader Joe brand yogurt sticks and always have a boxed stashed away in the freezer for those night time cravings. 

If you’re looking for a sweet snack that won’t add too much guilt to your day, try whipping up a quick batch of kettle corn.  Grab a big pan with a top and add about 3 Tablespoons of coconut oil to it (canola will work as well).  Heat up on high, toss in 3-4 kernels and cover.  When the kernels pop, you know you’re ready to go.  Throw in about ¾ cup popcorn seeds and ½ cup sugar.  Swirl it around a few times to get all the kernels covered and put the top back on.  Keep the popcorn moving so the bottoms don’t burn (you can do this by sliding the pan back and forth) and as soon as the popping starts to slow down, remove it from the heat and dump onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper to cool.  Sprinkle some salt over the top, transfer to a bowl and you’re ready to munch!

As we all probably know, you can never go wrong with fruit.  I enjoy it straight up, but it’s fun to add a little something extra as well.  You can make some homemade whipped cream or, for my choice, I make some dairy free whipped cream.  I always have a chilled can of coconut milk or cream in the fridge for just such an occasion.  Simply open the can upside down, drain out the coconut water, and whip the milk/cream in a mixer with a little vanilla and about 3-4 Tablespoons of sugar.  Add a dollop over the top of your fruit along with some shaved honey almonds and I promise you’ll be singing my praises.

Of course, for those die hard nights when I just need a little chocolate, I keep a few extra dark bars on hand and just break off a square or two.  You really don’t need the whole bar to solve the problem and I believe that I recall an article or two saying that a little dark chocolate was actually good for you so snap away I say.

Hopefully with a few of these tips in your back pocket you can successfully battle that evening time sweet tooth and still come away from the table feeling good about your choices.  Happy Eating!

Five Healthy (And Simple!) Desserts Chocolate