The Evolution of Fatherhood Continues!

With each passing year the stigma surrounding dads taking more responsibility for taking on an increased role in caring for their children has decreased, and with it, a variety of products have hit the scene for dads.  The following are five of the biggest trends for dads in 2012.


1.  Diaper Dude Bags – The evolution of all things dad includes new styles of diaper bags that have a masculine element to them, more messenger bag than mommy bag.  Showcasing urban style and often larger than traditional diaper bags, diaper bags designed for dads have all the room for diapers, wipes, toys, sippy cups, etc.  The most innovative bags even have pockets for cell phones, pens and personal items. 

2.  Diaper Vests – For those dads with a little more MacGyver in them, you can leave the diaper bag at home and rock the wearable diaper bag vest.  The vest holds everything you need for the day with Junior, including pockets for diapers, bottles, wipes, a cell phone/mp3 player and even changing pad!  These fleece vests allow you to be super dad without looking the part!

3.  Diaper Parties – Bear with me on this one dads!  The diaper party is a hybrid bachelor party/baby shower.  An opportunity to recognize the father’s role in the whole child-bearing process, once the token diaper “gifts” are left you’re free to play pool, darts, poker or just watch TV.  For the more adventurous, some female “entertainers” can be brought in to spice the party up.  It’s also a great time for existing dads to offer some advice about fatherhood and share a few horror stories about what’s to come.

4.  Dad Dog Tags – The hottest trend in new dad accessories may be Daddy Dog Tags, an opportunity to commemorate the birth of your child with customized, sterling silver tags attached to a black rubber cord or silver necklace.  New moms have been getting jewelry for centuries after childbirth, and here’s your chance to show how much being a dad means to you.


5.  Stay-at-Home-Dads – Your childless friends think being a stay-at-home-dad means watching  a lot of TV, changing a few diapers, and biding time until mom gets home while junior occupies himself for hours on end.  Bonding with your child during this time is a great opportunity to begin developing a lifelong bond with your child, and it will definitely give you a greater appreciation for what your primary caregivers.