Toys For Alcoholics

So you think you have every drinking gadget under the sun? Well think again chump. No matter how manly or how big of an alcoholic you are, chances are you don't have these killer drinking gadgets. These boozer gadgets will run you anywhere from $13.99 all the way up to $7000 US dollars. I'll show you five awesome pieces of liquor gear ranging from cheapest to the most expensive!

Product: Skull Beer Bong

Price: $13.99

So you are a pro at the beer bong huh? When was the last time you beer bonged a beer through a skull and a spinal chord? Well, for a measly $14, you can pretend you are a serial killer and get hammered sucking fluids out of a fake spinal chord! This one might be a little more appropriate around Halloween!

Skull Beer Bong

Product:Beer Belt

Price: $18

So Batman has a utility belt that contains tools to protect the world, but what does your utility belt carry? Don't you think there should be a few holsters for brewskies? I thought so, and that's why Urban Outfitters carries the manliest tool belt of all time, for a measly $18, you can lug around 6 beers while your woman makes you vacuum or cut the grass. Never be without a beer again!

Beer Utility Belt

Product: Beer Gun

Price: $21.73

Next time you and your buddies get all cozy to sit around the TV to watch some Sunday football, break out the shot gun alcohol dispenser. You can hook it up to a bottle of beer and dispense brewskies into your buddies' cups, or attach it to a bottle of moonshine and distribute toxic shots of booze. If you want to be really creative get out your lighter and some high proof alcohol and.... actually, on second thought I better not put any ideas into your head!

Beer Shot Gun Dispenser

Product: Reef Sandal

Price: $48

Have you ever gone for a hike and when you got to the top of the mountain, fully intending to celebrate your grueling hike, you realize you don't have any booze on you? Well with these bad-ass sandals by Reef that will never happen again. Fill each sandal with 1.5 oz of the nastiest booze in your liquor cabinet and next time you reach the top of Mount Everest wearing sandals you will be prepared with a few shots of mind altering booze.

Reef Drinking Sandal

Product: Octain 120 from Dream Arcades

Price: $7000

Finally, the ultimate drinking tool! I like to call this bad boy, the drinking and driving simulator! Why? Because for a measly $7000 you get a 120 inch projection screen, a home theatre PC loaded with 12 games, a fully functional PS3 Compatible steering wheel, pedals and a 5.1 surround sound system. Oh yea, and the most important part, the machine has a keg hooked up to it!

So let me just get this straight for you, this machine is a driving simulator that comes with a keg attached to it, as well as a handy cup holder right beside your steering wheel. If you ever wanted to be an idiot and drink and drive, this is your chance to do it without screwing up anybodies life! This could also be used as an amazing tool for drinking games!

Octain 120