Building a relationship sounds like a very basic thing. What most people do not know however, is that it takes a lot of work to build a relationship that will last. There are various types of relationships. Whether one wants to establish a romantic partnership or just a simple friendship, there are 5 key strategies that need to be employed.

Be clear on what you want

It is important that from the onset, one should clearly define the type of union they want to build. This becomes important in terms of the nature of disclosure required of them, Romantic involvements tend to require one to make a deeper disclosure than a platonic relationship would. The golden rule is that from the onset, each party to the union should have a clear picture of the type of relationship they are entering into and consent to it.

Choose your partner carefully

A relationship unless otherwise, is something that is intended to last. In this light, once you have established what kind of a relationship you want, be sure to evaluate potential candidates for that union. Evaluate their character and establish whether they are persons capable of offering what it is that you are looking for. If the person proves incapable, forget about them and move on.

Take time know each other

The process of choosing a suitable partner cannot be completed at a glance. That is why it is recommended that one should not be in a hurry  to commit. Building a strong relationship can take as little as a few days and it can also take as long as several years. Taking your time to assess the person you are getting into a relationship with proves invaluable in deciding whether the relationship is worth pursuing.

Establish rules 

Whether a romantic companionship or a mere friendship, there is need to establish guidelines within which you are to relate. These guidelines in essence form the basis for your relationship. You need to make it clear to each other which of the rules, if breached, will terminate the union. Rules such as loyalty and honesty should be basic in any relationship and they always form for a strong basis.

Be accommodating

Relationships are all about some degree of compatibility.  There is no couple in the world that is 100% compatible. Compatibility is all about adjusting ones position to fit into the other person’s position and finding a compromise. It may even call for making a complete shift of one’s view on issues to fit into the other’s perspective. Tolerating the little differences makes relationships bearable and forgiveness is key when the other party annoys you.