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Main Foods of Nigeria

This article shares five major foods of Nigeria. These foods are eaten by all of the three major ethnicities of the country known as Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba. They might be prepared in a different way but they are still a great part of the country's overall diet. 


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1) Garri - This food is made with fermented Cassava roots. The fermentation is a process that takes 2 to 3 days. Cassava roots are peeled, washed, and then crushed together. It is then placed in a permeable bag and seived. The cassava is then left to ferment for about 2 days. The next process is to roast the mashed root in a big pan. Garri has a grain-like texture and will either be yellow or white in color. Nigerians use garri in many ways. It is consumed as a light meal by adding milk, sugar and peanuts. It is also made into dough by adding water to it and cooking it. Garri can be lightly soaked and mixed with oil, vegetables and seasoning. Garri contain high levels of carbohydrates. It shoulb be consumed with peanuts, legumes and vegetables to balance it out.

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2) Yams - This is a popular vegetable in Nigeria. It is especially important in the Ibo culture because they hold yam festivals to celebrate its annual harvest. This traditional ritual is a way in which the Ibo people show their gratitude in a spiritual sense. Yam is a versatile vegetable because it can be consumed in so many ways. It can be boiled, fried, baked and made into a porridge. It can also be cooked and pounded into dough that is consumed with soup. Yams are known to be a good source of Potassium.

Rice and Beans
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Black-eyed Peas

3) Black-eyed Peas is a legume that is highly valued in Nigeria. The hausa people usually prepare it with rice called rice and beans. In the Yoruba culture beans porridge is very popular. The black-eyed peas is cooked well until it is tender. It is eaten with palm oil and fried plantains. Black-eyed peas provide good source of Proteins and is naturally low in fat.

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4) Okra is a popular vegetable across Nigeria. It is mainly eaten as stew although it is also steamed and consumed with rice. There are many ways of making the okra stew. It can be chopped, grated or completely blended for the stew. It can be cooked with Palm oil or vegetable oil. Okra can also be prepared in its plain form with water and light seasoning. People prepare the okra stew to their liking. Okra is rich in Vitamin C and Calcium.

Jollof Rice


5) Rice is one of the most popular grains in Nigeria. It is a part of the every day diet of the country. It is also the main dish used for special occasions. Rice is usually prepared with meat and stew. It is also consumed as a form of fried rice called Jallof Rice, which is very popular for all occasions around the country. Rice is known to be a good source of B Vitamins, Fiber and Magnesium.