Bicycle-Motor vehicle collisions in Los Angeles often occur in intersections. Most reported accident cases by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration involve failure of either party to give signal when making a left or right turn. Factors such as visibility and perception play an important role in reconstructing the accident.

Bicycle-Motor vehicle collision has these common causes:

1. Failure to give signal when making a turn. The party who is attempting to make a sudden turn must give signal to other motorists, especially on intersections. The opposing direction can spark a collision when traffic rules are ignored or have been neglected.

2. Running on red light. Motorists in Los Angeles are mostly business people and workers who are in a hurry to deliver goods, services, or meet people. To these people, even a stop sign or a red light is a cause of unbearable delay. Thus some motorists sometimes disobey the signs or completely ignore the red light. The result is collision.

3. Speeding. California laws require motorists to reduce speed or observe certain speed limits, when traversing public places, especially school zones, parks, and market. However, some motorists who pass through these zones at times ignore the speed rate requirement. Teens or children who use bicycle as transportation means to school are exposed to road hazard.

4. Driving Under Influence (DUI). Car and SUV drivers who have been partying often tend to lose control on the wheels, swerve and hit cyclists or other motorists on the road. California limits Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) to 0.08% for adult drivers. Minors are mandated to abide with 0% BAC.

5. Visibility. Bicycle riders who head off the streets at night are faced with tremendous danger. The concept of Visualization and Conspicuity attempts to explain why car or SUV drivers claim that they did not see the cyclist.

This theory explains how humans have difficulty seeing objects at night, and how humans can reasonably react with an approaching object within given time. It states that fluorescent gear and equipment for bicycle, other vehicles, and road markings can help increase visibility and response time of motorists.

The top four causes are traffic violations and are also considered as negligent acts. Such actions constitute liability and have corresponding penalty under federal and state laws.

In determining who is liable for your bicycle-motor vehicle collision in Los Angeles, the following inquiry can help:

1. Who committed a traffic violation/ negligence/ recklessness that caused the accident and resulted to harm

2. Does the bicyclist have his or her share of negligent act or fault in the accident?

Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles to help you file the lawsuit.