If you have attic/basement storage space for an assembled Christmas tree here is a way to have a fully decorated tree in five minutes. I had a brainstorm after putting up and taking down my Christmas tree for several years in the den of my vacation home and now my Christmas tree set up takes five minutes and storage is only a little longer. You have to have storage for the fully assembled tree but if you do here is a great Christmas tree decorating tip.

Only Decorate The Tree Once.

Assembling and disassembling an artificial tree takes time so most of you with artificial trees probably have trees with prelit lights but you'll still have to hang all the ornaments. So go ahead and take all the time you want that first year. Have a tree lighting ceremony and make a fuss over your tree the whole Christmas season. But when take down time comes…don't do it. Instead, buy a few boxes of binder clips.

Binder Clips Are The Secret.

Medium size binder clips have a powerful clamp. One year I was sitting in my den, looking at my unplugged and ready to be stored tree and my eyes fell on a box of binder clips on my desk. The light bulb went off and I've never spent more than five minutes setting up my tree since then. Instead of taking down the tree you binder clip absolutely everything: bulbs, crystals, the anniversary picture frame ornaments, whatever is hanging on the tree can be binder clipped. I'm attaching pictures I took of my tree this year so you can see the idea in action. Binder clips hold ornaments to your tree so securely I suspect I could turn the whole tree upside down and the ornaments would still hang on if you position the clip right.

Bag It And Store It

With the ornaments secured to the tree you can bag it and haul it off to storage. I've tilted my tree at a 45 degree angle going up and down basement stairs several times and haven't lost an ornament yet. You can buy special Christmas tree storage bags but I just use a big plastic bag that came with a piece of furniture. Set up is just as easy, haul the tree out of the basement, unbag it, plug in the lights. Bingo, instant Christmas.

Merry Christmas For People With No Spare Time.

I celebrate Christmas in a vacation home every year. If I'm lucky I'll only spend 10 hours flying and driving to get there. As I write this the first blizzard of the winter is hammering the east coast of America. I feel their pain. I get up at 6 AM to get to an airport and fly half a day then drive another one and a half hours to get to the house. If I'm lucky. If I'm not lucky I'll spend three or more hours in an airport waiting for weather or a new plane or who knows what. When I finally stumble into the house on midnight Christmas Eve, probably without my luggage, and all I can do is fall into bed there is always one thing I can do first to lift my mood. I bring the Christmas tree up from the basement, unbag it and plug it in. You don't even have to take the binder clips off until the morning. Instantly it is Christmas in your house. Raise the blind and show off your tree to the neighborhood. You can go to bed exhausted but happy. Obviously I'm speaking from experience here.

I hope this Christmas tree decorating tip brings a little holiday cheer to you and your family. Happy Holidays to one and all!