Still looking for more ideas to make your wedding cake the most unique your guests have ever seen? Here are five more ideas for fun, goofy novelty cakes.

1. Animals in love

Birds and bees, monkeys in trees, and fish in the sear - making a theme cake from animal inspirations is simple and adorable. The possibilities are endless, too. You can have penguin cake toppers (tuxedo already included!) on top of a glacier cake. Does your soon-to-be spouse remind you of a beautiful bird or butterfly? You can have fondant bird or butterfly characters placed on a rainforest-decorated tiered cake, or a cake made in the shape of a tree.

2. Decade themed

From the 20s through the 2000s, each decade has interesting looks that can be put onto a cake. A glitzy 20s flapper cake with tassels and fringe, a 40s Rosie the Riveter cake, a 50s sock-hop cake, or a 70s roller disco cake are all possibilities. You could have a lot of fun with an 80s cake - lots of bright colors or acid-washed texture. For added novelty value, you could choose a more obscure aspect of the decade, like "B-movies of the 80s", or "30s jazz music". Go with what speaks to you as a couple.

3. Not-a-cake cake

One way to make sure your novelty wedding cake doesn't look like any other boring old wedding cake is to make it not look like a cake at all! You could ask your decorator to make the cake look like a cheese burger, a turkey, a bowl of Vietnamese soup - almost anything you can think of! Some other possibilities are salad, a sandwich, a bowl of ice cream (you could serve it with real ice cream), a giant piece of fruit, or a package of Ramen. Almost any food lends itself to being made into a cake

4. Comic book cake

This works best on a multi-tiered cake. Each tier, or a section of each tier, is decorated with two dimensional fondant or edible cake paint to look like a comic book. The comic can tell the story of how you fell in love, or it can feature your favorite comic book heroes in a story about how they need to save you, your relationship, or the wedding from an evil super villain. You could even feature yourselves as superheroes fighting for your love. This wedding cake idea is limited only by your imagination.

5. Prank cake

If you have a talented structural cake maker, and don't mind a bit of a mess, you can plan a hilarious surprise for all your guests. Build a platform for the cake that is designed to collapse (dropping and ruining the cake) when you cut the cake. Or the cake can be built around an inflated balloon that will pop when you cut it. You can have a second, real cake waiting in the wings to make sure that no on will be disappointed.


If your novelty wedding cake is original and well-executed, you can be sure that guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come.