Accident news often contains the same names of intersections in California. Almost every week, a type of accident occurs on these accident-prone areas.

According to an insurance company and CNN reports, the five most dangerous intersections in CA are:

1. Santa Monica Boulevard

2. Wilshire Boulevard

3. Adams Avenue and Brookhurst Street

4. Fair Oaks Blvd. and Watt Avenue

5. Hollywood Freeway

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) has implemented stricter policies among motorists to reduce the cases of fatalities. It conducts Blood Alcohol Content test among suspected intoxicated motorists. It restrains signs of impaired driving and executes preventive measures.

The National Safety Council implements programs that foster safe driving practices and accident prevention schemes. It monitors adherence to Seatbelt, helmet, and lap/shoulder strap use during driving. It also inspects cases of hazardous and defective auto parts. Amidst the government efforts to reduce the number of fatal accidents, the number still increases every year.

Intersection accident is often the result of failure to heed traffic signals. Hitting on red light, failure to give signal before making a turn, over speeding, and drunk driving are common traffic violations in California intersections.

Motorists often tend to pre-empt a move before the traffic light changes, this makes motorists exposed to dangers especially at rush hour and dawn. Intersections also contain bigger truck-trailers and SUVs, including unprotected motorcycle riders. This

increases the risk and number of catastrophic injuries.

Common Intersection types in California

1. Yield-Sign Crossing

2. Traffic circle

3. Uncontrolled Intersection

4. Box Junction

5. Stop-Sign Intersection

6. Traffic Signal Intersection

Intersection accidents often involve an SUV roll over accident. SUV tend to slide, tip, and roll over when speeding and making a sudden turn. SUV has high center of gravity that makes it prone to collision when entering an intersection. SUV does not immediately halt when it is speeding beyond the standard limit.

Common injuries in intersection accident:

  1. Head and brain injury

  2. Spinal cord injury

  3. Broken/ fractured bones

  4. Laceration, bruises, road rash

  5. Paralysis

If you are injured in an intersection accident, you may seek sources of recovery.

You may file a Product Liability lawsuit if the accident is caused by a defective product. If your claim has been approved, you may be able to receive compensation for medical expenses.

You may also file a Personal Injury lawsuit to assert additional compensation for pain and suffering and emotional loss. You need to prove that a negligent act caused the accident, leading to your injuries. You will need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles to help you file the formal lawsuit.