5 Extremely Dangerous Cars to Own

Sure you may have a good insurance plan, and maybe the person you get into an accident with has a good insurance plan too but the fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter how good of insurance you have if you die or are brutally injured in a car accident.

It is highly recommended that you avoid buying any of the following vehicles if safety is any sort of concern as they are considered to be five of the most dangerous vehicles on the road to be in an accident in. You can get insurance, but try getting any auto insurance quotes that will bring your loved ones back to life after a fatal accident.

5. Toyota Yaris


Toyota Yaris

While the price tag and fuel economy offered by the Toyota Yaris may be very attractive the car itself is quite dangerous. The '07-'08 four door model only received a three star NHTSA rating for side-crash tests as well as a poor rating from the IIHS. To make things even more dangerous, the car handles very poorly in emergency situations as the car is quite tail-happy causing drivers to easily lose control of the vehicle.
*added 01-20-09: The '08-'09 models now come standard with side impact airbags and have now receive a good rating from IIHS.

4. Ford Escape/ Mercury Mariner

Ford Escape

The '07 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner share the same chassis as well as a very poor rating. They both received the lowest possible score from the IIHS. The poor rating was due to bad ratings in the side impact crash test. The car has a very high risk of rollovers and lacks any stability control. In 2008 Ford updated their models to include stability control as well as front side and side curtain airbags to dramatically improve the safety of the vehicle. My recommendation? Stay away from 2007 and earlier models of the Ford Escape and the Mercury Mariner.

3. Nissan Frontier


Nissan Frontier

The '07 Nissan Frontier, while a relatively nice looking truck is an overall failure in most all of the safety departments. The Nissan Frontier, only received a three star NHTSA rating for rollovers. The King Cab model also received a three-star NHTSA rating on the frontal crash-test rating which makes this another vehicle you probably don't want to be in if you get hit head on. Finally, the Frontier also received a poor rating by the IIHS for rear impacts, the lowest rating available. To put the nail in the coffin, the Frontier doesn't come equipped with side or curtain airbags. The overall verdict, you don't want to be in an accident while in this car from any angle!

2. Ford Ranger/Mazda B-Series


Ford Ranger

While the '07 Ranger seems like a relatively safe vehicle, the design has not evolved much over the years and neither have the safety features. Side airbags and curtain bags are not options and there is no model including a stability control option. To make things worse, the Ford Ranger and Mazda B-Series only received a three star NHTSA rollover rating. This means that if you get in an accident you run a 20-30% risk of having your vehicle roll over. This makes the Ranger/B-Series one of the highest risk vehicles for rolling in the auto industry.

1. Buick Rendezvous


Buick Rendezvous

The '07 Buick Rendezvous was supposed to be a blend of a blend between a luxury car, an SUV and a mini van. Aside from a little fame thanks to an ad campaign featuring Tiger Woods, the Buick Rendezvous was quite the failure. The car received horrible ratings and only received 3/5 stars on a front impact rating by NHTSA. This is one car you do not want to be in if you get in a head on collision. Buick put the rendezvous to rest after the 2007 replacing it with the Buick Enclave in 2008.