Any property that requires constant upgrade is considered an investment, and cars are no different. Constant maintenance is needed to extend an automobile's life expectancy, performance and efficiency. If early upkeeps are not met, a driver's vehicle needing any one of these five costly repairs is a high possibility.

Transmission Repair
A car's transmission is the single most important mechanical implement inside an engine and probably the most high-priced repair a car can go through if damaged. Because the transmission is what makes the vehicle run, replacing one can typically run a driver anywhere from $1800 to $3500. The price may vary depending on the car's make, model and labor costs. If you're seeing your mechanic a little too often for transmission problems, even if your car is under warranty, it's a good idea to consult an attorney who specializes in …California lemon law…since a vehicle that remains unrepaired after a reasonable number of repair attempts for a material defect is considered to be a lemon.

The next most costly car fix is the suspension repair. The suspensions, consisting of springs, shock absorbers, struts, and linkage with ball joints, is what keeps the car on the ground while providing drivers a smooth ride. Prepare to be set back $1000 to $2000 for suspension repair.

Any radiators with a leak in its core need to be replaced. To repair the cooling system that keeps the car's engine from overheating, will cost drivers with passenger cars $390 to $516. For a radiator repair in an SUV, it's $483 to $854. Depending on the type of coolant used, car's age, and model of the car, the cost can vary.

Muffler/Exhaust Repair
Costs for a muffler or an exhaust repair can vary greatly depending on the car's make and model and with the equipment itself. After-market parts for passenger cars are $110 to $218, while mufflers from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is more costly, $255 to $380. Drivers with any noise problem should check their exhaust system.

Brake Repair
Brake stops the car, there is no other way a driver can halt their vehicle without it. The average brake repair can cost anywhere from $90 to $250 per axle. Warning signs for drivers that their brakes might need to be fixed are abnormal noises, brakes that slowly drops to the floor after it's engaged, or pulling to one side.