There are some people in this world who are lucky enough to have the ability to purchase any type of jewelry they wantno matter the size, no matter the price tag. From colored diamonds the size of grapes, to blinged out tennis bracelets and gold plated watches, the options are never ending when price is not an issue when it comes to shopping for jewelry. Why not have some fun and explore what money can buy in the jewelry world and discover the five most expensive jewelry pieces.

  1. The diamond engagement ring is one of the first things that come into mind when looking to investing in expensive jewelry. While most men choose modest diamond rings to present to their girlfriends, there are also some smart men out there who go all out when it comes to offering their hand in marriage. Jewelry purveyors such as Henry Winston and Tiffany and Co. are known to carry some of the most exquisite diamond engagement rings a girl could ever want. There are diamonds of all shapes and colors that are even worth over one million dollars because of their uniqueness and difficult ability to find in the natural setting.
  2. Watches are another jewelry piece that can often times be purchased at alarming price tags. While shoppers can pick up a hum drum watch from their neighborhood department store, design houses like Rolex and Chopard are designing luxury watches with function and magnificence on the mind. These watches are handmade with fine leather, gold-plated mechanical parts and diamond-plated faces.
  3. Earrings are another jewelry piece that can have skyrocketing price tags. From vintage chandelier designs to earrings with multicolored stones and gems, earrings can reach upward of a couple $100,000 to over a million dollars for a single pair. Harry Winston is known to produce diamond earrings that are worth more than $8 million, along with Bulgari, Chopard and Cartier. Hollywood stars often purchase jewelry in San Diego adorning their ears with these masterpieces at red carpet events, making these earrings a must-have for millionaire jewelry buyers.
  4. Necklaces can also become pretty pricey, especially when they are configured of more than 200 carats of emeralds and diamonds. One of the most infamous necklaces comes from Chopard and is named the Magnificent Diamond and Emerald Necklace from the Haute Joaillerie collection. There are 191 carats of Columbian emeralds and 16 carats of rose-cut and drop-shaped diamonds. The price is only given upon request, but some experts believe shoppers can shell out at least $3 million for the gorgeous jewelry piece.
  5. Pearls are another hot item that breaks the jewelry bank. Pearls are so expensive because they are difficult to find in the sea, let alone finding pearls that match each other with perfect precision, color and size. Pearls show a sign of a regal lifestyle and a prominent social status so it's no wonder many women invest so much for a string of pearls. One of the most popular and most expensive pearl manufacturers is Mikimoto.