Apps for freelancers

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Freelancing is a tempting work style because it does not confine people to one company and allows them to work on their own time. It is this same work style, however, that may cause trouble for some freelancers. Fortunately, apps have been developed to address these time-consuming and often stressful challenges that freelancers face. Here are five apps that I use the most as a freelancer.

#1: Gmail

A reliable email service provider is essential for freelancers since most instructions are sent via email. The most recommended free email app that freelancers should utilize is Gmail. Emails you receive in your web account are instantly pushed to your mobile gadget, which makes replying to your clients quicker.

#2: Teux Deux

Now that you have your work email set in your mobile device, you will need an app to help you keep track of your to-do list. This is where Teux Deux comes in. Teux Deux is a simple mobile app that gives users an experience similar to writing to-do lists on paper. It allows users to create custom lists and recurring to-dos. This can be accessed on your computer or while on the go through their sleekly-designed mobile app.

#3: Bento

Do you need one place where you can keep and easily access all your contact records, inventory and sales trackers, and any file you may need to save for later use? Bento provides freelancers a solution for all their database needs - even while on the go.

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#4: Basecamp

Working with a team is not new for freelancers. If this is the case, it is important to have a platform where all team members can see projects and tasks and, at the same time, allow the team leader to track everyone's progress. Basecamp is a popular choice for start-ups and small businesses as it makes project management much easier. With its easy-to-use and reliable interface, it is no wonder that Basecamp is now the number one project management tool in the world. What makes it even more wonderful is that it can be used on a computer and on a mobile device so users can quickly add and tick off tasks.

#5: Freshbooks

With its powerful features that can be used on the computer and accessed through a mobile device, Freshbooks has got to be the ultimate app for freelancers. It uses cloud technology, allows users to track time or add fixed-price projects, record expenses, and send online invoices and instantly get paid via PayPal once the client approves the invoice. Moreover, it makes accounting a breeze with its accounting and tax feature.

The road to freelancing success is often a bumpy one. Challenges such as efficient progress tracking and accounting among many others await freelancing newbies. But, with the right tools, freelancing can work for anyone.