Completing the nursery is a big step for many parents. Sometimes, it is the smaller, simple touches that bring a baby's room together. Review this short list of five easy touches to add that special touch to your nursery theme.

1. Dresser Drawer Pulls

Handmade Drawer PullsCredit: Diamond Tech

Parents can find handmade drawer pulls for nearly any nursery theme. You can find pulls of more popular themes at big box stores. Check Etsy to search for pulls of the specific theme you are decorating for. If you can't find exactly the pull you are looking for, it is easy enough to make your own. Purchase blank wood pulls and paint simple themed images onto the ends. For example, if you have a nautical theme, paint simple boats, for a racing theme, paint some simple cars. Here are some examples of custom dresser drawer pulls for your baby's room.

  • Green Camo Drawer Pulls from Something2BeSaid on Etsy. This seller offers a few different styles of pulls, including this camo version for a forest or rural theme.
  • Baseball drawer pulls on Amazon. There are many different pulls on Amazon that would satisfy nearly any nursery theme.

2. Themed Nightlight

Custom NightlightCredit: centrifugalbumblewumpus

Having a nightlight in the baby's room is a necessity to ensure you don't trip over something during those late night feedings and diaper changes. Find a specific nightlight to help round out your theme. Etsy, one of my favorites, offers parents a wide variety of choices in night-lights for the baby's room.

  • Onlyforkids on Etsy sells basic nightlights that feature a variety of animals. Nearly any nursery theme that relates to animals would benefit from having one of these lights. It is a simple wood cutout of an animal in front of a light and it looks great.
  • Nightlights on Amazon. If you happen to be sporting a nursery theme with more popular characters then you will find some good nightlights on Amazon. Look for pieces to satisfy a Cars (the movie) theme as well as Toy Story and a number of other popular children's movie nursery themes.

3. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals as DecorationCredit: nouveaustar

Even before most children are born, they have many stuffed animals. Some become favorites and others are simply forgotten. Stuffed animals offer a great source of simple decoration for many different nursery themes.

  • Twistedplanet, an Etsy seller, offers a totally unique stuffed fish that would be a great option for a nursery. It is a fun color of blue and yellow and would make a great toy and a great decoration.
  • There is nothing that you can't find at Give that site a look if you are having trouble targeting just the right stuffed animal accent.

4. Themed Rug

Nursery RugCredit: hownowdesign

Having a play rug is great for a kid's bedroom. A well placed, appropriately matched area rug can contribute a lot to a nursery theme. Be sure to measure your available rug space before buying to ensure you don't end up returning it.

  • Visit Zulily to explore a great collection of general rugs that would fit many different themes. These rugs can sometimes be a bit pricey but they offer sales pretty regularly. Get on their mailing list and when they discount the rugs, jump on your favorite.
  • Street or neighborhood rugs are appropriate for many different nursery themes (especially racing and toy themes) and can be found in a wide variety from nearly any large chain store.

5. Light Switch Cover

Light Switch CoverCredit: Klara Kim

Light switch covers are one of the most understated ways to use decorations for your nursery theme. It makes sense too that something you use every day should match and accentuate your nursery decor. Check some of the sites below for unique light switch covers.

  • Art Fire offers literally hundreds of awesome covers. Here you can find covers for more popular themes like Disney characters as well as more general or obscure themes. Definately check out this site to shop for just the right addition to your nursery.
  • Most new parents are given an endless supply of gift cards to stores like Target and Babies 'r Us. Shop with these stores to find light switch covers and put those gift cards to good use.

Use this short list to round out your nursery decor and tend to the less apparent items that complete the room.