Pets are part of the family and so it is natural to vacation with dogs and other pets, but if you are including lodging in your vacation then you need pet friendly hotel chains.

The best way to vacation with dogs and other pets, is to plan the best you can ahead of time.  Maybe you prefer to be more “spare of the moment”, but when it comes to pet friendly hotel chains, although there are many of them, it would be less stressful to book ahead if you can and tell them the type of pet you have.

It can be very stressful to leave a pet at home, especially a dog that does everything with you every day.  If you have a trusted family member or friend that can stay with them while you arePet-Friendly-Hotel-Chains away on business or a “far away” trip that includes air travel, then setting up “home care” would be better than going to a kennel.

I know there are lots of good kennels out there, and some dogs love them, but I also know many dogs that want to be with their humans and don’t want to be left behind.  So, if you are heading on a road trip style vacation, then consider this list of pet friendly hotel chains.

Motel 6 – There are many around, and a large percentage of them are pet friendly, but you may want to phone ahead and book a room.  Usually they set aside rooms for pet families, so they can book up fast with more and more people travelling with pets.

Best Western – This chain has over 1900 locations that are pet friendly.  Once again try and phone ahead to make sure, and also to book a room since they fill up fast.  There are loads of locations in the USA and Canada.

Econo Lodge – this is an affordable place to stay with your pet.  Not all the locations are pet friendly, so you need to phone ahead if you can. 

Days Inn – Many locations will allow well trained dogs and pets in their hotels.

Comfort Inn – USA and Canada, they have pet friendly rooms.

As you can see by the list there are more and more pet friendly hotel chains. Vacation with Dogs The above are very popular, but there are many more that are not mentioned.  One way to find out is if you belong to a automobile association such as AAA or CAA (in Canada).  They have travel books with hotels and motels listed for the area you are interested in that will list whether they are a pet friendly hotel chain, or dog friendly hotels. 

Their phone numbers will also be listed so you can phone ahead and check.

When vacationing with your dog, you want to both have a good time, so try and anticipate some of your vacation activities.  Dogs do well in parks, hikes, camping and more.  Just make sure he has all his vaccinations up to date and that you have proof of this with you (his medical history for example and the name of your vet) just in case there are any issues while on vacation or if you cross any borders.

So, don’t leave your dog at home this summer, take him on that well deserved vacation and keep the entire family together.  You are going to find pet friendly hotel chains In most cities, as they try to accommodate this ever changing market. 

Don’t forget to get your dog groomed before you go, so he doesn’t feel the heat and can swim and dry quickly this hot summer, you will both be happier for it.