There once was a time when curtains were the only option for shading a window.  Later blinds became available, but they’d often break and became were more of a hassle than they were helpful.  Fortunately, those days are long gone.  Window coverings now do more than block out the sun, they can add beautiful accents to a room, lower energy costs, and, in some cases, even be art.  Here are five popular window treatments for the modern home.


1)      Thermalite Shutters


Thermalite Shutters are the number one synthetic shutter available.  They look and feel exactly like wood, while improving on wood’s many shortcomings.  Thermalite shutters are made from a polymer foam that is both water resistant and flame retardant.  They are remarkably easy to maintain, as they are anti-static and repel dust.  Thermalite makes many bold claims about the quality of the shutters, like the shutters never loosening, yellowing, cracking, peeling or warping.  Such bold claims are backed up by impressive warranties: lifetime warranties on all moving parts, including louver tension system and staples; against warping, cracking, yellowing and peeling; 25 years on workmanship and labor; and ten years on the painted finish. 


2)      Masterpiece Shutters


Masterpiece Shutters are custom made for each individual room and layout.  Customers pick out artwork or a photograph to have printed at a high-resolution directly onto the shutter louvers with UV-protected inks.  A completely unique design, allows for a seamless display of the image while blocking light from the room.  With masterpiece shutters, one can effortlessly switch from a beautiful view outside to a gorgeous view inside.


3)      Tableaux Faux Iron Panels


Shutters are not appropriate for many oddly shaped or high-up windows, particularly those in entry ways.  Tableaux Faux Iron Panels, provide an elegance and class for a fraction of the cost of actual iron-paneled windows.  They are custom made for each individual window based on the customer’s preferences. Not only do they add grace to windows, but they are also more durable and energy efficient than traditional cut glass.


4)      Duette Honeycomb Shades


With over 400 possible combinations of fabrics, textures, colors and pleat sizes, Duette Honeycomb Shades are perfect for enhancing any décor.  On top of their aesthetic advantages, Duette Honeycomb Shades have a unique three air pocket design which has earned them the industry’s highest energy-efficiency rating.  Further customization is available through a variety of privacy and light options, as well as five different kinds of manual operating systems.  A Powerglide motorized system is also available.


5)      Luminette Sheers


Perfect for vast walls of windows or French doors, Luminette has created a series of soft fabric vanes that masterfully bring light, privacy, and drama to a room.  A variety of coordinated hardware finishes and fabrics are available to elevate the class of any room.  By combining traditional vertical blinds and draperies into a truly unique window covering, Luminette provides a versatile product that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.


With so many options available, it is difficult to be satisfied with traditional window blinds and coverings.  When new coverings can elevate the style of any room and pay for themselves with the money they save in energy costs, there is no reason not to upgrade one’s window coverings today.