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The most awesome Monster Trucks This article will give you an introduction to Monster Truck Shows and Competitions, showing pictures of monster trucks, and present five of the most popular and awesome ones: The Grave Digger, the Bounty Hunter, Jurassic Attack, the Gunslinger, and the Batman Monster Truck. A monster truck is not an ordinary truck, but a completely rebuilt pickup truck with extra large wheels. The large wheels make it possible to drive over obstacles, such as a big pile of tires, or even smaller cars and crush them beneath the huge tires. A monster truck show involves competitions in driving over several different types of difficult barriers while it is crushing and smashing cars and other things on its way.

The Dodge Boys resting at the very large wheels of a Monster Truck
There are several different disciplines during a competition at a monster truck show. One of the most popular events is the “freestyle” show in which only one truck is showing its power on the competition course. Most of the other competitions are based on two monster trucks at the course at the same time, leaving one superior winner and one losing truck which might even be seriously damaged. Some of the competing cars have been completely redesigned and the custom built looks is very far from an ordinary pickup truck. An extreme example of this is the Jurassic Attack that is based on a Triceratops Dinosaur appearance.

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The Grave Digger is one of the most popular freestyle monster trucks. The very cruel Grave Digger, the Digger has been built in several different versions. A monster truck show that wants many spectators will arrange a popular Grave Digger to perform, maybe even as a ‘Grand Finale’


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Grave Digger, or oftentimes simply called The Digger, is one of the most popular monster trucks, it was originally based on a Ford PickupTruck. The popularity is caused by its many entertaining crashes. It got its name Grave Digger when the driver Dennis Anderson was talking with some of his fellow racers and said "I'll take this old junk and dig you a grave with it". The Grave Digger’s speciality is crushing other cars, and it is very entertaining with its many crashes.
Today the Grave Digger isn’t only one car, but there are many versions of Grave Diggers which are driven by different drivers at different shows all over the Nation.
The Grave Digger is undisputed the most popular and influential monster truck of all time.

Another popular monster truck is the Bounty Hunter, one of the trucks belonging to the 2Xtreme Racing Team. The Bounty Hunter won in 2005 the World Freestyle Championship.


The Gunslinger

The GunslingerCredit: Monster TruckCredit:

The Gunslinger above demonstrates a very fine jump over one of the barriers on the race course. On the picture below the Batman Monster Truck takes another route on the course. But both competitors are great jumping trucks.

The Batman Monster Truck

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