Being able to have interesting conversations is a very desired ability. Everywhere I go, whether it’s a dating blog, forum or even friend-to-friend conversation, the issue of not knowing what to talk about is always present. The fear of being boring, creepy, weird - these feeling always accompany us during conversations with beautiful women, however, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The task of holding a conversation might look scary on the surface but once you approach it the right way, you will start having the best time of your life.

Here are five, in my opinion the most important conversation tips for guys to hold the conversation and also make it interesting, effortless and pleasant.

Listen Actively

Number one complaint women have about men is that we don’t pay attention while they’re talking, and honestly I would have lied if I said it’s not true. When we’re talking to a beautiful woman, we’re mostly trying to think of the next line we will say to impress her - and this is why we fail. Men tend to be overly analytical, so instead of listening to the girl we get stuck in our heads trying to figure out every possible outcome and our response to it.

To fix the problem, you have to focus your attention on her. Stop thinking and listen to what she has to say, get curious about her stories and show her your interest. Women crave attention from men, and if you are the guy who can give it to her, then you are the guy she is going home with.

Follow the Trail of Hints She Leaves Behind

Men often find themselves not knowing what to talk about with women. This issue is extremely common, but it’s also extremely easy to fix. The solution can be found between the lines, as long as you listen carefully. Women always tell you what they want to talk about by leaving subtle hints, however, it’s up to you to take advantage of them.

When, for instance she is telling you about her summer vacation in Spain, instead of saying “Oh cool, I’ve never been to Spain, so, what do you think about something totally unrelated to Spain?” you should look deeper into this subject. She has already mentioned it so probably she has some stories to tell. Show interest in her personal life and ask her about the trip. Ask about the flight, food, weather, how did she like it etc.

You will never run out of things to say since you can continuously look for clues in her answers and use them to make the conversation flow effortlessly.

Give Her Space to Talk About Herself

Women love to talk. They are dying to tell you their funny and embarrassing stories, but it won’t be possible if you constantly steal the stage from her by talking about yourself. A lot of guys get it wrong by thinking they have to talk all the time to keep the conversation going. At all cost, guys want to avoid the awkward silence, even if it means talking about their new Xbox game. The outcome is that you are talking her ears off about stuff she doesn’t want to hear about, which lowers your chances of becoming even her friend.

The relieving truth is that you don’t have to talk this much. Move the focus of the conversation from you to her, get to know her and listen to her. It’s not your job to be funny or impressive, but it is your job to give her a chance to impress you.

Let your body do the talking for you

Women love to feel desired by a man, and there is no better way of showing sexual desire than body language. Nothing is more exciting for women than the confidence in the way you look at them and touch them.

You have to show her that you’re comfortable being close and intimate. Start with solid eye contact and a good handshake, sit close to her, hold her hand, don’t be afraid to kiss, initiate physical contact and be confident about it.

There is one thing to remember, though - if a girl makes it obvious she doesn’t like something, you have to stop doing that immediately. You must respect her boundaries. There is a fine line between being sexy and creepy and you certainly don’t want to cross it. Every girl is different in this aspect, that’s why it’s crucial to know her limits and honor them at all times.


Silence is a very useful weapon in our arsenal. You are not saying anything yet you’re affecting the woman in a very powerful way. This technique takes a lot of guts to pull off, though. The silence in the conversation is something we are taught to avoid, and for this reason it might be hard to believe in the power of “not talking”. However, you can use this method to quickly build up suspense and sexual pressure, as long as you do it the right way.

When she finishes talking, instead of jumping to fill in the silence, let it be for a second or two. Look her right in the eyes, with a bit of a smirk, then deliver your answer. You can get an expression of imagining something naughty involving her, I guarantee she will notice and ask you about it. You can tease with her and create a lot of sexual energy and suspense. Of course, you can do this trick multiple times during the conversation to really intensify the sexual pressure.

This method can turn a conversation about anything into something sexy, which will create a very good impression of you. Everyone loves to flirt and using silence is an amazing way to do so.