1. iPod Touch(47817)The iPhone is too expensive when you consider how you will be using it. As with many things that you want to buy, you have to think about the cost of it and match that up with the needs you have. Buying an iPhone, you should really look at the total cost of ownership, especially if the only way to buy is by getting a contract. You could be spending hundreds and hitting the thousand of dollars or Euros total, by the time the contract is up. I know it makes it easier if it is spread out, but getting out the spreadsheet and doing some sums before you sign papers in blood and in triplicate, could save you a lot of money. Getting an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone can save you €300 on day one, less the cost of buying a MiFi for getting the data in. Could easily save you much more than that over the length of a contract too. How many months will go by, when you have paid for an amount of data that you don’t use or for the phone calls that you don’t make. That is a huge drawback for contracts of a fixed price per month.
  2. You don’t need to have the full GPS because the assisted GPS location by WiFi is enough for your purposes. How often do you use the GPS on the iPhone anyway. I have had the iPhone 3G and in the nearly three years I have only used the GPS a few times. Mostly to play with it, but a couple of times when I wanted to mark where my car was parked and know that I could return to it. This mapping can be done with the iPod to a certain extent. You would have to download the map data of where you were going beforehand, or you would need to bring in the data on the spot with something like the MiFi. There is an application called OffMaps that works with already downloaded map data. Bring it in to the iPod by wifi when you are at home and all ready to use for pin pointing where you are out on your travels.
  3. You have a still camera that does high mega pixel photos, and the five mega pixel camera on the iPhone while better than the iPod is not good enough for you to want to splash out the extra cash. The camera on the iPod is of low resolution and I would hope that the megapixels will be increased in the next iteration of the iPod. I know that they have to make some differentiation between the iPod and the iPhone, so that one doesn’t interfere with the sales of the other. You can still do the fancy things with the iPod Touch camera such as Tap to control exposure for video or stills and Video recording, HD (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio. The resolution of the stills are very poor though at 960 by 720, but who cares though if you already own a good DSLR.
  4. You have been burned by a long contract with a phone company before and never again. This one is a big thing. In Spain it seemed like it was an eighteen month contract and then when I tried to change company they wanted more money from me. The eighteen months was how long before I could change the phone and it was two years I would be stuck with a telephone contract that was ripping me off. I know it is possible now to buy the iPhone unlocked. I just saw on the Spanish Apple online store that they have the iPhone 4 for €599 unlocked. That is so much more tempting when I know that there are companies that have great pay as you go deals, with enough data for my uses. There are other phone deals I have seen where you don’t have a contract tying you in, but can pay a bit more to have the better data and better phone call per minute prices, that you usually only get with a contract.
  5. You hardly make any phone calls. If you are a bit of a geek or maybe even a nerd then you don’t need to talk to many people on the telephone. You are more interested in the download of data. There are Facebook pages to look at, tweets to send, files to get off dropbox or back to Dropbox again. Telephone calls are so old fashioned and out of date these days. Who needs them when you have social media. It is good to have all of your data at your finger tips when you are out and the 3G connectivity makes it a super useful luxury. Knowing that an address that you put into the iPhone will be synchronised almost immediately is great but you can also sync up when you get back to base anyway, over WiFi. I do have the Mifi unit and I can easily turn that on when I want to bring in some data. The running time with the Mifi is only about four hours, but I heard that it is possible to buy extra batteries for it in the same way that you can get the Mophie Juice Pack for the iPhone to make it last longer on the road.

Reading through the five reasons to buy an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone I can easily see that I would be better off getting an iPod Touch rather than an iPhone. For the moment though in May of 2011 it would be better to wait until September in the autumn when the new iPods come out. There will undoubtedly be improvements in the specs of the iPods that may make it even more enticing to get an iPod. If there was a version that was like the iPad with a 3G connection in it but was not a phone, wouldn’t that be great. Have you had an iPod Touch running as an alternative to an iPhone and how did it go for you?

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