High speed internet is really the only way to get online. If you have been using dial-up or DSL then you need to try out the fast downloads and upload speeds available on the new systems. Using fiber-optic networks service providers can increase the speed of your online experience to match your needs, making surfing the web, researching, working or keeping in touch with friends and family much more enjoyable and much less time consuming.

High speed internet is a great option for both residential users and businesses. With new options to watch movies, stream live video and game, online residential computer users will love the faster speeds. In addition to just being faster to upload and download data all the jerking, buffering and poor quality video will be completely eliminated, at least as far as the system in concerned. You may find that if you are still experiencing these issues your computer is simply outdated or you may need a new video card or upgrade to a processor or memory.

Another major consideration with high speed internet service for the home or office is that, unlike the old types of internet, the number of users on the system will not necessarily impact the speed that each user has. In situations where there are multiple large downloads or uploads going on simultaneously there may be a slight slow down in overall speed, but this can be corrected by increasing or upgrading your internet package. Most residential users will not experience this situation even if multiple people are online surfing, gaming or watching videos. Downloads for music and videos are very fast, making this a great option for everyone's online needs.

Many high speed internet companies offer a range of different features and products that are designed to enhance your web experience. These can be programs that run in the background to provide security in online transactions or they can be actual programs that you can access to allow easy storage and retrieval of files or information from literally any computer with internet access. Choosing which of the these features is most important to you can be instrumental in selecting one company over another as your internet provider.

For those that travel, are on the road or work from multiple offices or locations both security and mobile access to information on multiple computers are important considerations. Having a built-in security program through your internet service provider is another layer of protection over the specific security program you run on your own computer. Some of the best programs are designed to provide additional security in online financial transactions and can be very effective in limiting the risk of identity theft when making purchases online. Since this is more and more the way that people shop, bank and pay bills this is a huge consideration and a definite feature for everyone to consider.

Backup programs that provide secure storage of anything that you download or save on a readily available and encrypted server are an important feature. This means that you don't have to worry about computer crashes or data loss, everything is always there and ready to be restored to your computer. These systems are not offered by all high speed internet companies but if available they really do provide peace of mind. Most companies that offer this option provide different storage packages based on total data size that ranges from 2G up to 200G, more than enough for all your music, movies, videos, pictures and documents.