Show up, make tea and get on with it. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do, right? Wrong! Here we provide five reasons why a daily briefing is without doubt the best start to a day your team can have.

1) Establish goals for the day - The number one purpose to carry out a daily-briefing is to fix targets for that day. These may be figures that every employee is expected to hit or simply time relevant duties which will need to be done by the end of the day. In either case it's important to let the staff know what is required of them.

2) Review the previous day's results - Okay, so figures can be a bit boring. But it is essential to let everybody know how the team are doing compared to target and what elements truly require focusing on. The key to figures for the team is to discover a means to break-down said figures for every individual employee. There is normally a simple way in any half decent software system to let the staff members know what their personal contribution for that month is and it'll invoke a little bit of competition if it is done publicly...

3) Take positives from the day before - Do not allow your management style to become so obsessed with numbers that you ignore the individuals who do the job. If you find members of your group doing something well, let them know about it publicly. It'll tell them you value their efforts.

4) Air concerns - Daily-briefings are a great opportunity to let the staff air their problems in an environment where they'll not be judged. Motivate them to make use of this time to get issues off their chest and also tell them that they're free to talk about what they want with no fear of come-backs. If the group genuinely subscribe to this they'll see you as friendly and easy to communicate with.

5) Have a laugh - Work was never ever meant to make us feel as if we didn't want to get up in the morning. It should be enjoyable and you should be aiming to start the day with a laugh. It will help to create a positive environment for yourself and the group and, let's be frank, what an excellent way to begin the day.


Daily briefings are an essential addition to any manager's repertoire. Use this time to analyse figures, show the staff members that you appreciate them and also set the mood for the day.