The only question I had after I bought a Cuisinart food processor was, “Why didn’t I get one of these sooner?” The obvious answer was that before I got married, food preparation for me was no big deal. And when I finally broke down and bought one, it was because I had started fixing recipes that were almost impossible to make without it.

There are several good reasons that nay household chef should seriously consider adding this affordable and versatile appliance to their kitchen. Here are five.

1. It can do multiple tasks.

A Cuisinart food processor has a blade that attaches to the bottom for the container for chopping, blending, grinding and making seed or nut butter. It can even mix bread dough! Or, you can affix the included grater or slicer attachment on top. It can therefore save you a lot of time over chopping, grating and slicing by hand.

2. It is much stronger than other food processor.

Compare the blade of a Cuisinart to a discount department store brand, and you’ll see why chefs prefer the former brand. The fact is, I have destroyed cheaper brands because the blade couldn’t handle what I was giving it; on the other hand, the Cuisinart blade has nicked stainless steel spoons that I was using to push down nut better, but never had a trace of damage itself!

3. It has a pulse setting.

If you don’t want to chop something to smithereens, but rather into coarse chunks, the pulse setting allows you to do just that. Instead of pushing the lever up, which makes the blade go automatically until you force the lever back down, you push it downward. As soon as you release it, the blade stops, so you can literally run the thing for just a second.

4. It’s perfect for making raw treats.

Want to get your kids off wheat-based, sugar-laden cookies? Buy a Cuisinart and find some raw food treat recipes. For example, blend one cup each walnuts and pitted dates with one-fourth cup chocolate powder, press into an eight-inch cake pan, and you have raw brownies. Blend sesame seeds and raisins, or dried apple with almonds and cinnamon.

5. It’s a great alternative to a blender.

If you want to blend some ingredients that would end up being too thick for your blender to handle, use this food processor instead. For example, even my high-power blender complains when I try to blend avocado and banana without adding any water. But with my Cuisinart, no problem!

If your diet consists of a lot of chopped and blended food, I highly recommend you buy a Cuisinart food processor. From sauerkraut to bread to almond butter and everything in between, it has served me well for several years, and I think you would be pleased with the choice.