In my life I have owned 2 rottweilers, one called Kevin, one called Max. Kevin would sleep on top of my duvet and also on top of me! Whenever he would have done something wrong, he would sit in front of the window, waiting for someone to come home. When he saw that someone had come home, he would go and dive onto my bed and make like he was sleeping. Because you had seen him at the window you would know he had done something wrong so you would go upstairs to see what the problem was and find him pretending to be asleep on my bed. This would cause you to laugh so hard that Kevin would think things were ok… you would not be laughing after all if you were cross would you!

Kevin hated the rain and no matter how often you need to walk a rottweiler, you could not get him out of the house in the rain no matter what! Max was a bit of a wuss! He would let my cat Mickey to boss him all over the place. He was a huge dog who you would expect to be in charge, but he let this tiny cat order him around. Max did like the rain which mean I spent a lot of time soaked to the skin wandering around with my huge dog.

People think that rottwielers are very fierce but I have found that to be very untrue. I have 5 reasons why I would buy a rottweiler again as follows:


Both the dogs I had before were really very friendly. Everyone that came to the house would be greeted with joy and expect to be played with. Kevin was really good with other dogs, Max hated white dogs but lived with 2 cats that had no problems with him. Max was only bad with white dogs because he had been bitten by one as a puppy. They liked to play with ropes and balls and they liked to play fight with me. I would get down on my hands and knees and head butt them and punch their chests and they would wrestle with me. Rottweilers have very hard chests so even punching them on them would not actually hurt them. If they sometimes got over excited and a little rough, I would put my hand in their mouth whilst playing and they would completely totally back off aware they had gone too far.


Max when he was younger



A healthy rottweiler would come up anywhere between 45 and 60 kilos, so they are big dogs. They eat a lot and they need to be walked a lot, a minimum of 3 half hour walks a day if possible. This means you also get out and get a lot of exercise, where a lot of people stay home and don’t do much anymore. If you take some toys and play with them, you know that in order to wear them out, you will be worn out yourself!

It is easy to trip over them, because once they have chosen you as boss they tend to follow you around and you can turn around and go straight over the top of them. You may step on a rottweilers toes from time to time, but not step actually on them like you could with say a yorkshire terrier for example.

The size of a rottweiler is a good thing to scare off burglars and other trouble. Although they are not likely to attack, most people don’t realise that and so wouldn’t enter a house with a rottweiler in it. With a good rottweiler, even if you would be burgled the rottweiler would not attack the burglar. If someone got in the house they would be safe from attack, just not able to leave so you would have time to call the police for help.


Rottweilers are very loyal, whenever somebody would attack you or move towards you with intent to attack the rottweiler would protect their owner. A good rottweiler you take to puppy training to make sure they are used to other people and other dogs. This teaches them that no matter who calls to them they will not leave you.

A rottweiler of some friends which my mum was helping came to stay with us when I was a child. My dad came home drunk one night and my mum just called the dog's name. He would not let my dad come in, even though he was not my mum’s dog, he knew she needed protecting so he looked after her. Rottweilers can smell if someone is afraid and needs help and will help anyone defenceless. This particular dog was a guard dog as rottweilers make very good guard dogs.



Max at older age


Good with Kids.

A past experience with Kevin was that one of my mum’s friends came to visit with her baby and placed the baby in its carriage on the dining table. The baby started crying in pain and Kevin just got up with his legs, onto the table, sniffed the baby and then sat down by the table to protect it. He started growling at anyone who would come near the baby as he knew the baby was hurting and didn’t want anyone else to hurt it. My mum eventually had to drag Kevin out of the house so that the baby’s mum could get close enough to tend it! 

Another example I was just walking with Max in the park and we were just playing around and all of a sudden I could hear a child crying. Max went to investigate and it turned out that the father of the child was hitting his kid. Max just sat down next to the little one and started to growl at the dad, with his lips high up, showing his teeth. I had to go and intervene because if the dad had made another move he would definitely have protected the child. I told the dad that he could not hit his offspring because it is really the wrong thing to do. The dad apologised both to me and to his nipper and they moved on with the little one safe.

 Something else I had with Kevin is that whenever I was watching television as a youngster I would lie with my head on his belly as a pillow. He would put his head on me and we would watch television together!

Easy to Groom.

You only groom a rottweiler twice a year when they shed their fur from winter fur to summer fur and vice versa. Be aware that when you do groom them a lot of fur comes out and it will take a while before everything is done. It needs doing over a few days at these times to make sure you get it all out. If you don't get it all out, it gets itchy and they start biting themselves which will then lead to injuries.

If Max got dirty I would put him under the shower. It was difficult to clean him because he just wanted to play with the water! If Kevin got dirty it took 2 people to clean him though, as he didn’t like water. One would have to hold him while the other hosed him down, he really truly did not like water! This is a dog that would jump over a puddle so as not to get his feet wet!

Unlike long haired dogs that need grooming nearly every day you only have to do these 2 big grooming sessions in the summer and winter and then give them a quick brush over about once a fortnight. This makes them really easy to care for!

Rottweilers have very good memories and will learn what they are taught, so if you teach them kindness and loyalty you will have a kind, loyal friend for the rest of your time together. I lost Max last year and have changed circumstances, but as soon as I am in a position to get another dog, it will definitely be a rottweiler.