I do not know about you, but most people only need one reason to snack. Hey snacks are tasty! Just in case, that was not a reason good enough for you I have five more that are sure to have you counting the minutes to your next snack! Seriously, snacking is good:

  1. Snacking between meals will keep you feeling satisfied. Don't you hate feeling starving? Hunger is just one of those things that can virtually make you lose control over lunch; you are more likely to order the super size combo, or simply overeat.

  2. Snacking keeps you in a good mood. Am I the only one who gets cranky when hungry? Have you tried doing your job on an empty stomach, or simply focusing on a task, when all you can think of is lunch? It is at the very least difficult, if not impossible. Again, snack!

  3. Snacks can help you achieve your weight loss or weight gain goals. By choosing and eating the right snacks you stay in control over you hunger at all times.

  4. Taking the time to stop whatever you are doing, even for five minutes gives your mind a break. Stepping away from your keyboard and enjoying your snack peacefully for only a couple of minutes can give you the break you did not know you needed.

  5. If you are watching your diet, snacking reminds you of your efforts and your commitment to success.

Chose your snacks wisely. A doughnut would definitely be out of the list, along with that soda and pretty much everything else with high sugar and fat content.

Fruits make perfect snacks any time. They are easy to pack, just throw an apple in your bag and you are set. A peanut butter sandwich is good too; peanuts are high in protein and good fats. Ideally whatever type of bread you consume you will want it to be whole grain. Yogurts, and energy bars make good snacks too. And, I almost forgot my favorite; popcorn, just make sure you skip the butter (we are trying to keep it healthy).