If you aren't attracting views, then you aren't going to be generating any money, so take immediate action and fix these five problems that are hindering your traffic.

First: You aren't choosing the right titles

Your titles are fundamental to the amount of views your articles will gain!

As by choosing the right title you are affecting how much organic traffic you are likely to have.

I know most of you don't want to be writing for the search engines, and that's more than fine (I'm in that boat myself) but I do try and make sure that at least my title is, well a little bit key word driven. 

Why only a little bit?

Well it's not completely, this is because I want to make it interesting, I want it to draw in viewers, if you check out the article 'How to generate 15 article ideas in under a minute' these famous titles have all been crafted in the way of being and interesting yet keyword driven.

Second: Backlinking by your blog.

I know you must have been told this a hundred times, that you need to be backlinking your articles.

You already know that you can backlink your articles via other content sites, such as squidoo and hubpages, or by InfoBarrel itself which is a great method to really improve the rank of your article.


Have you thought about doing it from your own blog, that you could set it up in literally minutes via blogger or wordpress. 

The question is what are you going to make a blog about? Well how about your time on InfoBarrel, keep people up to date with the progress you are making on InfoBarrel, income reports and post about a new article that you have just wrote about etc.

Like I have done with my blog here

Obviously the more related your articles are on InfoBarrel the easier the blog can be pin pointed into a direction, and hence have a better chance of being searched for.

For example if most the articles you have on InfoBarrel are about how to raise horses, you can direct the blog on how to raise horses whilst integrating your articles into the content on offer.

Then by linking the articles back to your blog also, this increases the chances of your blog being found and then again ultimately your articles.

Third: Branding

If you aren't branding yourself here on InfoBarrel you are potentially losing loyal viewers. Here are six reasons as to why you should be branding on InfoBarrel, and explain how ultimately you gain more views by this.

But the point that I really wanted to go over is that you won't develop loyal viewers if you aren't branding yourself, hence losing out on potential future viewings of new articles that you have produced.

Find out How to Brand on InfoBarrel.

Fourth: Credibility 

As Derek from Social Triggers states today we are in a 'credibility crisis' there are a lot of people online today, who are all preaching and teaching. As now it is all too easy for someone to write up some content and hit the publish button, this has caused then caused reader to want proof that they are qualified to teach us.

This is what you need to do you need to. Provide evidence that what you are saying can be trusted. How to do this? You back up everything! Whatever you are saying  make sure there is independent evidence to go with it from cold hard statistics, to academic experiments.

Then this causes the reader to gain a greater trust of what you are saying and will hence ultimately gain trust with you and hence loyalty which then not only paves the path to more traffic, but quality traffic.

Fifth: You think 'Content is king'

Well you are in for a surprise ,it's not the article! Here goes into more information as to why, but it's the design of your article hindering the quality of your content.

You could be producing excellent written content, but if the design of your article looks wrong. Then there is an immediate distrust that has developed from the reader before they have even read the article, and if they haven't read the article they aren't going to recommend it to their friends etc. Again losing out on future viewings.