5 reasons you need a mastermind group
Credit: Rondostar via Flickr

Five Reasons you need a Mastermind Group

No matter the venture you are seeking having a mastermind group will help you accomplish your goals effectively.  Have you struggled with a business start-up, writing a novel or e-book, or building a freelancing career?  There's an abundance of information on the internet about how to do these things.  There are many individuals who are positioned to help coach you in many of these pursuits as well.  However, there isn't much of an emphasis on the importance of utilizing a mastermind group to help you achieve the type of success you are looking for.

When you're finished reading all of the articles available to you, consider taking a look inside your inner circle and figuring out who is just as hungry, or perhaps hungrier for success than you.  Maybe you have a friend with a dead end job that's looking for ways to begin working outside of the workplace.  Perhaps you have a group of friends that you have shared your goals with on a regular basis.  If you do it's time to organize the group of people around you and create a mastermind group.  I've compiled a list of five reasons you should form a mastermind group.

1) Accountability. 

You've been working on that project for months.  You work on pieces of it here and there, but you never seem to get it finished.  The partners in your mastermind group can help you identify road blocks and outline a set of actionable goals that will help you organize your tasks and get things accomplished.

2)   Eliminate Excuses.   

If you have an excuse for every single thing, including an excuse to why you haven't accomplished anything in the last five years, it's time to get rid of them.  When you're in your group,  a question that you're probably not going to ask yourself is "why haven't you gotten this done?"  If your response is always the same old excuse such as lack of time or lack of money, your group can again help you come up with ways to overcome these rather than allowing the excuse to continue holding you back.  Every mastermind group should have a no-excuses policy.

3)  Try New Things. 

In a mastermind group each person can challenge the others to try things outside of their comfort zone.  For an aspiring freelance writer, this may be as simple as not continuing to read everything concerning freelancing and writing an article a magazine.  There has to be a time when the rubber actually meets the road and things are getting done.   This helps tie in the benefits of accountability and eliminating excuses.  Once you get over those excuses and find someone to hold you accountable, you're likely going to try new things.

4)  Community. 

You'll be a part of a community of other movers and shakers well on their way to advancement.  Any problem, frustration, or joy within the process of achieving success can be shared with each other.  Your community will thrive on the commitment to helping each other move forward.  This is the best way to get some motivation.

5)  New Outcomes. 

You may have formed a mastermind group with a simple goal of achieving success within your chosen endeavor, but it's quite possible that new joint ventures may develop.  Using the examples of freelancing, writing a novel, and starting a business, all of these unique perspectives may be able to collaborate and find ways of earning money and establishing new efforts together.  Starting out your goal may have been freelancing, but you may end up with a new business partner on an unrelated venture.

In conclusion, don't hesitate on forming your own mastermind group.  Successful people have been participating in these types of groups for decades and they are reaping the benefits.  If you don't have or know of a group of likeminded individuals who are interested in achieving anything, look online.  There may be several groups on Facebook, Yahoo groups, etc who are looking to add your uniqueness to their group.  Don't delay!  Make this move today so that you'll be well on your way to becoming a great writer, successful entrepreneur, or whatever it is you're seeking to become.