When you go camping in small to medium sized groups, one of the most important things to consider is the size of the tents that you are going to take with you, based on the number of people that they are designed to accomodate. For example, if you are a group of six people, you have the choice of taking six indiviudal tents, three two-person tents, two three-person tents, one six person tent or any other combination! The nature of the group and its dynamics will determine your final decision, but here are some good reasons for choosing a 6 man tent:

1 You are going camping as a family with children and you want to keep everbody in the same living and sleeping space. In this way you always know what your children are doing and whether they have gone to sleep or not. The great thing about many tents of this size is that they can be divided into compartments, therefore your children can have that sense of independence and adventure.

2 You are a group of five or six who are not carrying much other equipment with you. One of the biggest problems with tents being sized and branded based on the number of people, is that it doesn't tend to reflect the fact that people may have to store their baggage in their tents overnight. If a group of six each has a large backpack, imagine how cramped it could become. In fact the only way that this size of tent is even going to approach accommodating six people comfortably, is if they have travelled by vehicle and can store most of their equipment inside it.

3 You are a group of around four people who has to store all of its equipment inside the tent. As stated above, if your are putting full backpacks into your tent overnight, a six person tent is not going to be large enough for six people. Four people should be about right.

4 You are a social group who wants your camping trip to be as sociable as possible. There will be times when the weather is bad and you can't go outdoors. Therefore, if you want to chat, drink, play cards, sing songs or whatever, it is going ot be a lot easier if you are all under the same 'roof'. In fact, as bad weather can often get campers down, the opportunity to have everybody in the same tent can be a real lift and a boost to camaraderie!

5 You are part of some kind of expedition (e.g. a scout trip) where each group is a team. In such a situation you may want the team to bond and therefore desire to keep the group together at all times. In this situation a 6 man tent could be perfect, especially in the circumstances of reasons 3 and 4 given above.

So overall, you can see that in all of the above situations; it would have been practically possible to use a collection of smaller tents to do the same job. However, these situations shows that there are times when a six person tent makes the group dynamics and trip experience so much better!