It seems as if today more and more communication is being done by email rather than face to face.  If you are like me you like to send of an email rather than talk to someone in person for several reasons including time savings, simplicity, and even shyness.

Five Reasons to Ditch Email

#1 – There is no substitute for human interaction.  So much can be lost in an email.  Body language may imply something that cannot be communicated in an email.  Sometimes the connotation of a work will be different in an email than it would be face to face.  A lot of things can be misunderstood in an email.

If someone comes to you and speaks there is a higher likelihood that you will listen to them and understand what they need or are instructing you to do.  Many times if an email is more than a few sentences long it begins to get skimmed rather than read thoroughly.  The reason for this is that we get so many emails that we start to skim through for the important things and may not pick up what the sender intended to say.

#2 – Problems are hard to solve in an email.  If there is a problem to solve or a task that needs answers to it, an email message is hard to resolve this.  Sending several emails back and forth can waste a lot of time.  Especially when there are several people involve who each have a say in one small piece of a project.  Hitting “reply all” for every email isn’t a productive use of everyone’s time.  A simple quick meeting can get to the root of the problem a lot quicker and be more successful than en email chain.

#3 – You can motivate someone better in a meeting.  If someone sits in their office everyday and does their own thing, they can easily get lost in only what they are doing.  It is hard for a manager to motivate their people through an email.  Having the whole team together in room will result in a greater motivating opportunity for a manager and will bring the team together.

#4 – Relationship building will not happen in an email.  The key to success for many companies includes a team of people that have a great working relationship with each other.  These relationships won’t be built with a few emails.  Actually sitting and working together will build a successful relationship.

#5 – Great ideas can be lost in an email.  A great idea may bet communicated in an email but unless it is read and understood by the recipient it could be lost in the translation.  Having this idea presented face to face has a greater likelihood of this idea being implemented and benefitting the company.

Hopefully these ideas will give you pause the next time you are ready to hit the send button.