Cup of CoffeeCoffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. There's an everlasting discussion however, about whether it is wise to drink coffee or not. Some people are convinced it's a good idea, and even beneficial for your health. Another group of people is convinced it's a very bad idea, and detrimental for your health. And there's a group of people who don't really care and simply enjoy their daily cups of coffee.

Let's look at five reasons why drinking coffee might be a good idea:

1. Coffee keeps you awake

The caffeine in coffee has an effect on our mind, making it believe that we're not tired. The caffeine is really fooling our brain, because when we are tired our body sends those signals to the brain, but the caffeine prevents it from getting there. Your body still needs the sleep, but caffeine can postpone it a little. It doesn't take away the need to sleep however, so be aware of this.

2. Coffee heigthens your senses

Coffee is known to stimulate the cortinsone and adrenaline production. Both hormones can make you very aware, since they're important parts in our "fight or flight" response, whenever we face danger. This is a short term effect that heightens your senses and even improve your mental capabilities, but it may leave you a little stressed.

3. Coffee contains antioxidants

Antioxidants prevent free radicals from causing cell damage. Cell damage can come from natural aging processes, but it's also associated with many forms of cancer. Methylpyridinium - one of the antioxidants in coffee - has been found to prevent colon cancer specifically.

4. Coffee protects the brain

Although coffee won't make you smarter, coffee can help protect your brain from brain diseases. In a study published by the Harvard School of Public Health a beneficial effect of caffeine was found for preventing Parkinson's disease when consumed in moderate quantities. This is true both for men and women, although the effect for men was more convincing.

5. Coffee protects against diabetes

Drinking coffee reduces the risk of getting diabetes mellitus type 2 by as much as 50% if you consume 7 cups a day. Obesity is a major cause for diabetes type 2, among other factors. It's always best to take away major factors first, since this has the biggest effect, but knowing that even a single cup of coffee a day reduces the risk a little is a nice fact.