Time to Get in Shape

How many time do you use the old adage of putting off today what you can do tomorrow? Probably a whole lot more than most any of us would really like to admit. Sadly, that is probably part of the reason for the obesity problems that plague our country today. Imagine if we all just got up and did what needed to be done, when it needed doing, rather than constantly putting it off. Would we even be obese? The answer is probably a big, fat, (no pun intended) NO!

Here is a compiled list of five of the best reasons that I can think of to get started on that workout you have just been dying to try, or that Zumba class that you keep wishing you could find time to take...

5. Time waits for no man, or woman! Basically, time in not your friend. Despite what many of us would love to be the case, we don't actually get an younger, (no matter how hard we try). So the longer you put off getting started, the harder its going to be, and the more damage that can accumulate and be done to your body.

4.There is no time like the present! Why would you even want to wait? Truly, wouldn't you love to get started trying on all those gorgeous clothes that you keep eyeing every single time you go out? And what about being able to hold your head up in public and not feel bad about yourself?

3. Procrastination is a nasty habit. You will notice that once you have successfully put something off, it becomes easier and easier to put other things off as well. Eventually what you find yourself with is a big "to-do" list and not enough time or energy to do it all with.

2. It only gets worse. If you think its hard to get started today, watch how much harder it is tomorrow. For all of us "do it tomorrowers" tomorrow simply never comes. Look back at how many times you really have put it off. It starts out as tomorrow, then becomes next Monday, then next month and before you know it, you are right back at the start f a new year trying to make it your new resolution.

1. Its time! Pure and simple. Cut and dry. No holds barred. It is time. It won't get any easier to get started, tomorrow isn't a better time, Monday isn't a neater option, and New Years is too far away. Do it now. Get started today. Just get up and pop in that DVD, or head to that class. Don't wait, you have done that long enough already.

When you think of it this way, it makes you wonder why you would ever wait to start with. No-one enjoys being obese, and while it is really hard to get that initial start, it isn't impossible, and its the only way that you will ever reach your goals.

While getting started is never easy, the routine does get easier. Before long you will find yourself exercising out of habit, and perhaps even want to, rather than the initial forced feeling that you will likely have. My mother says that it takes two weeks to form a habit, therefore nothing should be forfeited before you have at least given it that much of a try. So get up, go do it, and come back and tell everyone about how you changed your life by finally getting started!