Despite the plethoral of information proving how harmful smoking cigarettes can be to your health, millions of individuals throughout the world continue to smoke.

Quitting smoking can be an extremely challenging endeavor, but the health rewards should provide incentive enough for smokers to at least try to stop smoking cigarettes.

If health factors are not enough motivation, consider these five other major reasons to stop smoking cigarettes today.

5. Legislation. More and more states are passing laws against smoking in restaurants and public establishments, and some colleges and universities throughout the United States are considering banning cigarette smoke entirely from their campuses. Even bars throughout the country are beginning to ban smoking! With public acceptance of smoking consistently, and fairly rapidly, declining, there has never been a better time to stop smoking cigarettes.

4. Reputation. This may seem like a bit of a shallow reason to quit smoking, but for many people, reputation is everything. Though many people pride themselves on being non-judgemental, let's face it, everybody judges people, events, and products on a daily basis. With all of the information out there today on the ill effects of smoking, people who continue to smoke are being criticized more openly and more harshly. Many argue that past generations who smoked at least had the excuse that they did not know how bad smoking was for them. The youngest generations who continue to pick up the habit have no excuse, years of research have proven, and openly stated, time and time again that smoking is extremely dangerous and harmful to one's health.

3. Oral hygiene. This may technically fall under the health category, but your smile and breath greatly impact your appearance and approachability. There are many things that can cause bad breath - eating onions, failing to brush your teeth, drinking an excessive amount of coffee and, you guessed it, smoking. Gum can help with, but not completely eliminate, bad breath. In business or personal situations that require face-to-face interaction, this can be extremely distracting for individuals who attend meetings or carry on conversations with the individual who has bad breath. Furthermore, the individual leading the meeting can easily become self-concious of his or her bad breath. Why not eliminate this problem entirely by eliminating its source?

2. Smell. Smoking causes everything that is exposed to the smoke to smell. If you choose to smoke in your home, your clothes, or your car, all of these places and products will smell like smoke. This can deter people from visiting your home or approaching you to strike up a conversation with you. By eliminating your smoking habit, your surroundings will be much more inviting and your friends will not think twice about visiting with you.

1. Cost. With current prices and taxes on tobacco products, it is a no-brainer that smoking drastically increases your total monthly living expenses. A single pack of cigarettes usually cost around $5, and some people smoke an entire pack each day. That equates to a total of $1,825 per year in smoking expenses alone, not to mention the health problems that smoking may cause, therefore increasing your overall medical bills as well!

None of these reasons to stop smoking cigarettes are meant to judge or discriminate against smokers, simply provide the extra incentive to help motivate everyone who currently smokes to quit. In association with a strong support group and personal dedication, these reasons will hopefully help motivate you to kick the habit and stop smoking cigarettes today!