A bit about the park


For the 312.5 million of you that have never heard of Beaver Lake State Park in North Dakota you are missing out.  If you are a family oriented person that enjoys quiet nights, good friends, crackling campfires, and a little bit of local history then Beaver Lake State Park is the place for you.  I personally have enjoyed all that and more in my time here at park.  This place is great for families of all ages and has much to offer both kids and adults for enjoyment.  But that is enough of me babbling about my time here lets get on to the good stuff the 5 reason you should visit Beaver Lake State Park. 


Family Friendly (especially for little children)

Playground Equipment Beaver LakeBeaver Lake boasts a variety of new playground equipment just installed within the past two years and a shallow swimming beach for the little ones.  A large grass area big enough to play 2-3 football games at once and camping that is predominated by local families.  Also if staffing is available, weekend interpretive programs are presented at a variety of locations around the park on many subjects.  They lake is perfect for jet skiing, tubing and fishing with easily accessible boat ramps (NO LINES!!!) and fishing docks at the park.  If fishing is your thing be prepared to catch mainly Northern Pike since in recent years that has become the dominant fish in the lake. 


Great Prairie Hiking

Something to keep in mind if you are from a different state that North Dakota is a prairie state and as such will not have what you may consider amazing hiking trails.  But to those who appreciate the prairie the trails are well worth the walk.  Depending on which trail you take (there are 6) you will have a variety of conditions to challenge you over the 5.34 miles of trail.  From the curvy and hilly Old Settlers Trail to Old Settelers Trailthe open and potentially windy conditions on the Moraine Loop Trail.  They trails provide numerous wildlife watching opportunities that range from the Thirteen Striped Ground Squirrel on the trail in front of you to the Great White Pelicans floating down on the many inlets that dot the shoreline.   


Unique History

This park as a unique historic landmark for the local area.  It was founded by local citizens back in the 1930's and dedicated to all the orignal settlers ofPark Founders Monument of the area.  To honor this founding the park recently held its 80th anniversary on July 24th, 2012 and celebrated with a luncheon, family games, many interpretive programs and a memorial dedication with a time capsule to be opened in 20 years.  Many families of the parks original founders still live and work in the area and many help the park through time and money donations whenever they can.  One the most interesting things I have found is that when the park was founded it hosted many horse racing events on the dirt half mile oval track on the park land.  While horses are no longer raced here at Beaver Lake the spirit of those early days is encompassed in the race track that still exists today as the modern camping facilities in the park. 


Peace and Quiet 

I cannot stress enough how much peace and quiet there is to be had here at Beaver Lake Sunset on Beaver LakeState Park.  Many of the returning campers come out here for that reason alone.  Nothing relaxes the locals more then a weekend at Beaver Lake after a long hard week of work.  It is great place for the long distance movers and travelers to if it along your route of travel.  If you arrive in the middle of the week there is a fair chance of having the whole park to yourself with the exception of the hosts and the ranger on duty for that night.  So if you find yourself in need of a quiet weekend or a quiet week consider Beaver Lake if you are in the area.  Keep in mind that the park is 17 miles from the nearest services so it is best to be well prepared before coming out. 


Well Kept Facilities

I don't know about you but nothing ruins a camping trip faster than what sight greets me on New Comfort Stationmy first trip to the bathroom.  Well let me lay any fears to rest, if you find a restroom, picnic shelter, vault toilet to be messy or soiled in anyway beyond barely, then you have really poor luck.  It is the policy of the management in the park that the restroom and showering facilities are checked every hour on the hour during high use periods (i.e. the weekend).  If they need touching up they will be cleaned without fail.  In my three years of coming to Beaver Lake I have never had to contend with a dirty bathroom or shower.  They same is true for the beach and picnic shelters and other public facilities.  They are cleaned on daily and weekly basis as needed and I have never found them so dirty as to be unusable.   


Well there you have it Five Reason to come to Beaver Lake State Park and enjoy a stay at the the park like I have.  This park has a high return attendance from the locals on the weekends so if you would like to visit on the weekends it would be wise to make a reservation.  If your visit is during the week a reservation is not so needed but a call to the park office might be prudent just in case.  People have come to this park from both ends of this country and a few from beyond our borders as well.  They have all commented on what a beautiful little park this is and most end up staying longer than they planned because they simply dont want to leave.  So come on down and visit here at Beaver Lake and I hop you enjoy for stay.



Entrance Sign

All photo's were taken personally if you would like to see more images of Beaver Lake State Park please visit my Flickr