Cheap has Nothing to do With Staying Home

Dim lights, coconut incense, soft music, a candlelight and catered service, sound like a stay in any five-star hotel or restaurant.  What if you take these home? Celebrating Valentine's Day at home is an excellent idea.  As long as you put the effort, the pizzazz, the service with a smile... you are sure to pull it through!

Let's take Saint Valentines home! Make it a kitchen, patio and living room Valentine.

Saint Valentine's in the Kitchen

Place a heart-shaped sign stating her name as "Not Allowed in the Kitchen Area" ended with a happy face.  Let that sign up during Valentine's Week.

What do I do now without her in this empty kitchen?

Not only will you make her some delicious breakfast, but you will teach your children that from now on every member in the house will take care of their own plate.

Also, every member of the family will clean up after themselves with a smile.  That is some true-loving present.

Show you Love all the Time in Every Way

Hearty Breakfast!

Saint Valentine's in the Living Room

Now, there is some long lasting Valentine's loving present.  Everyone in the house will address her as "beautiful or pretty Mommy", each time, as follows: "Don't worry, beautiful Mommy" or "You're welcome, pretty Mommy".  They will take a vow of never shouting out for her ever again.

This vow will be made a formal ceremony to take place in the living room.  Copy the format use for any normal swearing in, repeat after me style.  Ceremonies have a very specific objective, that is to create in the mind a lasting impression.  Children will never forget when they vowed to be nice to Mommy, neither will she.

Create a schedule for events that will take place throughout the house, including the living room.  Of course a special feature, movies night IN is in order.

The following are some movie ideas: The Lady and the Tramp, Be My Valentine Charlie Brown, When Harry Met Sally, Hello Dolly, and keep aside to watch with her the movie Ordinary People and The Way We Were.

Do not feel unsincere in your efforts of coming out of your comfort zone to tend to her. 

Saint Valentine's in the Patio

Let the BBQ roar!

If you are a BBQ king you will find some great resources in making a simple yet memorable event in your own patio.

Send the children to stay with grandma overnight.  Invite a few friends over, the less the merrier.  If none show up, crank up your Barry Manilow or your Barry White tunes and cherished her with some Grade A T-Bone steak, served with Class A style.

Remember always service with a smile.  If you are non-alcoholic drinkers, go for some cider served in a tall champagne glass and toast for the blessing that she is in your life, and say it like you mean it.

Look deep into her eyes when you make this toast.  Keep in mind that these are the moments that will be remembered, and do kiss her gently when you are done.  Remain calm, cool and collected.  Kindly insist on  her not picking up any plate or helping in the kitchen... She is not allowed there yet.

How Come the Bedroom is not Listed Here?

Some things go Without Saying

Some insist in celebrating Valentine's every day.  The question remains... Why do they wait on Valentine's Day to say it?

Can think of a better place to honor Valentine's Day on a daily basis than the bedroom, and this does not refer merely to sex, but intimacy.

During Valentine's or ever:

1. Never go to bed on an argument- Do not wait to go to bed to bring up what's bothering you. Ladies do not hold having sex at ransom for manipulating particular issues.

2. Make a sanctuary out of your bedroom- Your bedroom should project what you are as a couple.

3. Speak lower as you go to bed- Be extra nice to each other as you are about to fall asleep, relax or engage in any related activity.

Nothing Says "I Love You" Better Than a Big Smile!

Smile Even When You Don't Feel Like!