Optimizing your website is necessary if you are to improve its search engine ranking. Search engine optimization (SEO) is about creating content designed to attract the most qualified visitors to your website. Regardless of how well your site is designed, if potential customers can't find it on Google, it doesn't matter. Search engines must be able to index your content properly in order for your ranking to increase. If your website's content is too confusing for search engines, you'll miss a lot of quality traffic. Here are five basic SEO steps you can take to get you started on improving your site's online ranking.

1. Include embedded links
Articles and content writing on your site should include embedded links that take readers to other pages on your site where they can learn more about a particular product, service or topic. Embedded links help search engines classify your content correctly and make it more visible on searches.

2. Write articles on other websites
Publishing articles and blog posts on other sites about topics related to your business is a great way to get quality links back to your own website. By publishing articles to other sites will result in search engines having an easier time indexing your content. Evaluating the relationships between different websites' content is the primary way in which Google ranks search results.

3. Insert Keywords Naturally
When optimizing your articles by including key search terms, don't put in keywords in places that feel forced or unnatural. Doing so will result in messy, awkward articles that readers won't bother with. Remember you are writing for people, not computer programs.

4. Headlines
Use a "header" tag around headlines and sub-headlines in your site pages and articles. Insert keywords in your headers also, to increase the page's presence on search engine results.

5. Use the main keyword on the first paragraph
The first paragraph of an article or page is the one that has the most effect on the site's search engine rankings. Include the main keyword of that page in the first paragraph of the article or content, and make is as early on in the paragraph as you can.

Content on your site should be catered to your target visitors. Remember not to saturate any given page with too many keywords or links. Just a few are enough to help search engines out. Try out these simple steps for yourself or look into hiring a qualified search engine optimization firm.