Stay at Home Mom Jobs

Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Stay at home mom jobs can be difficult to find.    In economic tough times, fewer moms or dads are able to stay home without making some contribution to the family income.  Get rich quick ideas abound online.  The searcher must be careful to find legitimate offers if searching online.  Exciting, legitimate job possibilities do exist. 

Stay and Home Mom Jobs Number 1Mom and Dad Work at Home

Think children.  Consider caring for one or more children around the age of your own child or children.  The plus is that you get to stay home with your child and your child has a playmate.  Keep in mind that licensing is often required particularly if more than one child is in the care of the home provider.  Be sure and check out those regulations.  This option can bring an immediate and decent income.  To consider how much to charge, check with the local daycare nearby to judge their prices as a starting point.   A few drawbacks of this job are that freedom to go and come as the provider pleases is reduced via having extra children.  Also, consider what you will do when the child or children you are keeping are ill.  All said, this is a good option for the stay at home mom and can be a fun one.

Stay at Home Mom Jobs Number 2

Consider being a home-based customer service agent for a business.  Virtual customer service is a growing area.  These agents answer in-bound calls from their home phones.  A good number of companies use home-based customer service representatives.  Last year these companies added over 20,000 new agents.  As companies deal with cost cutting and layoffs, the jobs still need to be handled.  As the staff position cutbacks occur, the home-based worker jobs grow.  Customer service is one of the first areas outsourced. A few companies with whom to begin your search include: LiveOps, West, Convergys, Alpine Access, Arise, Working Solutions, and VIPDesk. A quick visit to their sites will offer criteria for hiring and salary information.  Many others exist, so this is not a comprehensive list for stay at home mom jobs opportunities.

Stay at Home Mom Jobs Number 3

Earn cash for your crafts. If you are passionate about a craft, consider making money from that.  So often people get compliments from the pottery, jewelry, bath products, etc. that they make.  There is money in those crafts!  Try checking out Etsy.  This is a site that allows people to sell their crafts there, and their statistics are impressive. The company makes sales totally over $7 million per month.  They charge 20 cents to list an item and then 3-5% of each sale.  Etsy and the stay at home mom jobs search is a practical match.

Stay at Home Mom Jobs Number 4

Be a freelancer and connect with the marketplace worldwide.  Home-based freelancers are hired in increasing rates to do a variety of tasks. Companies exist that serve as an intermediary between those wanting these jobs and the businesses wanting their services. Two such sites are Elance and oDesk.  In essence they are employment agencies for these businesses.  They do more though in that they handle the entire process from hiring to payment. Many openings exist for these jobs, so the competition is high.  The prospective worker posts a profile and can take an optional assessment test to measure a skill level.  Some people offer a lower payment for a project to get their foot in the door.  The job searcher determines the pay rate. 

Stay at Home Mom Jobs Number 5

Consider writing short articles.  A get rich option this is not but it is steady and could earn money for years to come.  Article submission sites work differently.  A bit of caution is needed here.  A quick search online for ‘writing online articles’ will spin lots of results.  Many sites want to charge for products to give information on article writing.  Those might be helpful but are not needed.  Just go to sites such as Infobarrel.  It is a great system. Joining the site is free. The writer submits articles of his or her choice in terms of topic.  If the article is accepted, it posts on their site along with advertisements which they place there.  You earn a percentage when someone reads your article and clicks on it.  The beauty of this system is that one can learn internet marketing by just joining and reading the forums on the site. 

Stay at home parents have many opportunities to earn income at home.  A bit of research is needed but the jobs are out there.   Bravo, stay at home moms, for the domestic job you are doing.  Good luck with the stay at home moms job search!